Death Mark, new hotness, or basic?

Feels too rng but it is better than maws third trait at least

death may be an issue later - but a common - wraith gets deathmark on its second trait… 4 of those suckers are hard!

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Try Impervious or Warded troops.

Astral Spirit seems like an easy way to counter any deathmark team

Sorry if I missed it, but what are the odds of 2 or 3 deaths in round 1? By round 2?

And BTW thanks for doing all the probability math, love it!

I agree with Lyya’s math given the mechanics stated above.

Because math and spreadsheets are fun, here’s another set of numbers that y’all might find interesting.

Assuming no cleanse spells, no “restamping” the death mark, and the battle actually lasting another 10 turns, here are the sorted probabilities of each outcome of death mark on a single troop:

Chance  Outcome
17.50%  Troop is auto-cleansed on turn 3
16.20%  Troop is auto-cleansed on turn 2
14.70%  Troop is auto-cleansed on turn 4
10.00%  Troop is auto-cleansed on turn 1
 9.92%  Troop is auto-cleansed on turn 5
 9.00%  Troop dies on turn 1
 6.48%  Troop dies on turn 2
 5.36%  Troop is auto-cleansed on turn 6
 4.08%  Troop dies on turn 3
 2.25%  Troop is auto-cleansed on turn 7
 2.20%  Troop dies on turn 4
 0.99%  Troop dies on turn 5
 0.69%  Troop is auto-cleansed on turn 8
 0.36%  Troop dies on turn 6
 0.14%  Troop is auto-cleansed on turn 9
 0.10%  Troop dies on turn 7
 0.02%  Troop dies on turn 8
 0.01%  Troop is auto-cleansed on turn 10
<0.005% Troop dies on turn 9

I can share the spreadsheet if anyone wants it.


It should be noted that @Nimhain confirmed Death is being redesigned because of how powerful deathmark is. I don’t believe we know what death’s skill is at this point in time.

I haven’t seen too much use of Deathmark troops on defenses since the buff. Ran into the all wraith team a couple times, but it wasn’t particularly tough to beat. Are people using it primarily on offense?

It’s because Maw is still the most popular and if you run him then you want mana generator and skull spawner to support.
Besides I don’t think full death mark team are strong but adding one low mana troop can be fun.

I don’t think you can say this. I see Plague almost as much as Maw anymore in PvP.

I also face off against a Plague or 2 every 3-5 matches, the thing is he’s still a costly Mythic, so he’ll rarely if ever get to shoot his spell off. (At least against me.) Even when he does luck out and fire, I can cover the ground lost without much obstruction.

If Death is reworked before his release, fine by me, I haven’t actually used any of the Mythic’s as of yet - too costly soul/trait-wise for no overall gain (kingdoms/etc). But either way, I won’t be fearing a match against the dreaded horsemen anymore than I fear a lucky Maw/Mercy match.

Yesterday, one of my troop was killed at the first turn after Death Mark.
10% only, yes but when it happens it’s painful…

Death’s rework concerns the second part of the spell only: SPOILER ALERT ---- Is This Mr. Death ? Wu@Haaaaaaaa
So 'Death Mark to all" will remain unchanged…

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Ah I see. You’re talking about the frequency of him using his spell not how frequently you’re seeing him in matches.

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Famine is really quite good. Probably, because he can be powered up by Mercy. Jinx is probably the only required trait on him.

He is, however, a bit of a slower control troop style of play. With how fast matches can still be won, I can understand him not making the cut.

Yeah, it feels like they went overly conservative on the mana costs which has made the Mythics underwhelming. I think just lowering the mana costs by a few would really ratchet up their power to where it should be so they feel Mythic.

After the death mark buff, in my first battle against a hero with Creeping Death, the enemy hero got a chance to cast, and then both of my troops that got marked died immediately. Ouch! Turns out I was very unlucky. Less than a 1% chance of that happening. But I ended up winning anyway. Made for an exciting match at least.

It’s pretty easy to counter creeping death as it’s only a single color and require plenty of mana and we have 2 troops ( Mercy and Astral Spirit ) that can entirely remove it’s color from the start.

No love for Tyri?


Nope, got too many maps already :slight_smile:


Arguably the best Mana denier in the game, Maps are just a bonus IMHO

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