Death Mark - Death Touch clarification

Death Mark cannot proc on turn 1 when applied.
… Does this apply to reapplication ?

Making Death Touch almost useless, since AI takes skulls whenever it has the chance (almost every turn) ?

Can anyone confirm / deny if reapplication of Death Mark “saves” the troop from Death Mark for 1 turn?


Good point.

Each time you apply death mark the 1 turn delay will apply.

Thus, you could in theory keep letting a troop with Death Touch skull you every single turn and you would never die to the Death Mark because it keeps adding +1 turn delay each time it hits you.

If this is true. Then death touch could be worse than the bond traits.

Also, Gorgotha could have his cleanse removed now, seeing as I bet it was added as an attempt to quell the rage around Wraith.

Nah Gorgothas cleanse stays right where it is!

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