Death Mark All Enemies Upon Death trait

What are peoples thoughts on this new trait? What is the best defense team someone has come up for a team spamming this trait on all troops?

Most people tend to hate it; the Devs are nerfing it (well Death Mark really but that affects DK, too) and Warded/Impervious troops or stun troops are the only counter.

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Personally, I am glad to hear that the devs are nerfing it. I lost 3 troops at the same time because of killing one bad guy earlier…the whole “10%” chance also seems completely off.

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They’re going to add a turn before it can kill. So an enemy death marks you and then you have 1 turn to remove it before it can kill you. After that turn (assuming you don’t remove the death mark), everything works as it does now.

At least that’s what it sounds like the devs are going to do.

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Yes, now with the change you’ll need to have at least 1 troup with mass cleaning (like Herdmaster or Mercy) at full mana and ready to go…

As of now, only real defense is a stunner, like Korvach, or finishing the game on the same turn (infinit-looping)

Well they’re not really nerfing the trait, they are making a (minor) mechanic adjustment to the status effect, which has an indirect effect of nerfing the trait as well as every other deathmark source.

The change will give one turn of (divine) grace, adding a (slightly) better percentage chance the effect will auto-cleanse before it kills, and allowing one turn to cast a clearasil spell: that’s of moderate use, as you basically need to keep Mercy ready, or frantically charge up Herdmaster or another cleanser before you kill the Deathknight.

This increases chances of surviving / remedying the grief effect, but in my view not by much: it’s still gonna be cheesy enough to score a few RNG kills, and so I think still gonna be high on defence lists.

Also volatile and unreliable as a counter, because of how damage resolves before stun effects: the best stun troop in the game (Khorvash) also deals massive true damage, so as likely to kill and trigger Death Curse as stunblock it.


Not trying to get into old discussions, but i’d like to state that the nerf to DM(with which i am totally ok!) is not as small as it may sound.

When Deathmark was introduced and had a 2 turn grace period, the effect was literally useless.
You could play for hours with a DM troop and face DM troops and would not see DM proc once for a whole session, and this is no exaggeration. It was a novelty at best and following several forum discussions in which people raised the question if it might be buggy and can’t actually proc, it completely vanished from the meta after a few days.

So with a 1 turn grace period putting it in the middle of that it will be a quite significant change. Keep in mind the progressively stacking cleanse chance has no grace period so in the first turn where DM gets its 10% chance to proc, it already has a 20% chance to dissipate before that.


I think you’re wrong here. As I understand auto-cleansing it’s impossible the first turn after the effect was applied and then has a 10% cumulative chance - so it’ll be only 10% to dissipate in your example. Which is still much better than now where you have no chance to auto-cleanse immediately while you can auto-die immediately :wink:

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I think you’re right about that. :wink:

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