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Death Knight team ideas!


So I traited my Death Knight class last night and am looking for teams to use him with and with which weapon (Still working towards getting db).

I love the class idea and would have him in first place possibly something in connection with a sacrifice troop to control death and hopefully combo with something else but I can’t find many troops if any that fit.

Ideas and shenanigans would be appreciated guys x

Crimson Bat
Princess Elspeth
Death Knight with all purple weapon

Cast PE on the Death Knight. Cast Sacrifice as many times as you can while trying to fill Bat. Cast Bat once you can wipe out the other team.

Super high risk but exciting and fun!


I can vouch for that team being super fast, super high risk, and fun. I ran it for a few months which I now regret. My historic Invasion win rate would be 99% if I never did. It currently sits at ~96% solely because of that team.

Someone in the forums named that team “Smackrifice”, which I found very amusing at the time.

Edit: Found it. It was @ZooKeeper