Death gems

Can someone please tell me “where” the death gems (sickles) come from, and how they are used? Do you have to create an explosion of gems near them?

My second question is, how long have enemies been transforming into different troops—even when transforming isn’t one of their traits? I started playing a few years ago then stopped for about 2 years, and I don’t remember enemies being able to do this. We can’t do it without a trait so why does the game make enemies change into something else 4 & 5 times? Just seems like more unfairness to me… the “Let’s make this as difficult as we can” philosophy. :rofl::roll_eyes:

Since the first campaign, which introduced Lycantrophy gems.

Here’s the page on heroic gems:

Death mark gems are not there yet, but they are colourless gems, they don’t match with anything, you need to explode them to “collect” them. They’re basically stone blocks, except you can move them.


And it looks ugly, utterly ugly!


Could be a spell effect.
Could by lycantrophy, as said above.
Or it could be a frog transformation.
In the latter two cases, the enemy level is halved, so you usually still end up in a better situation. For the first few weeks of lyca gems, this was not a part of it, resulting in a free healing. This may have been one of the last times, that massive complaints by the community actually led to a result.

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Thank you.
Well it’s not lycanthropy, they just transform out of nowhere. I use EOE so I know when it’s a frog transformation… so then what ARE the sickle things? When you explode gems around them, they death mark the enemy. That’s why I thought they were death gems.

In the top left corner. What is that? (This is from a guild event. Not my normal team lol)

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It can’t be out of nowhere. What troop transformed and into what other troop?

Most likely culprit is lycantrophy, which is inflicted by lycantrophy gems and some traits, spells, most notably by EoE - lycantrophy is a negative status effect, EoE inflicts all negative status effects. It has a chance to transform the enemy into a random Beast troop. If you’re using EoE, my guess would be that’s what’s happening, you might not even notice that the enemy has lycantrophy because of how many overlapping status effects are on them.

Some troops also have spells that transform them, but those will be obviously listed in the spell description (Werewoods troops, Baby Dragon, Bat Swarm, Werewolf etc).

Death Mark Gems


I have never seen those before. Must be something new in 6.9 release. I just looked at notes but I see nothing mentioned about those icons.

It’s not 6.9; it’s the new campaign as posted by mitamata above.


Keep in mind, we’ll likely see a new type of gem for every campaign and probably every new kingdom. The new types of gems are added to the game via a game update, but not visible until either a troop shows up that generates them or a campaign starts that makes them randomly drop on the board. For Death Mark gems, they’re now showing because they are the active heroic gem for the new campaign.

There’s actually a few other gems that are known about that we haven’t seen yet. Gems that give gold when matched, and there’s a gem to apply one of the many negative random effects (stun, fairy fire, etc).

Okay one last time. I’m not just “not seeing” when an enemy has lycanthropy. I see when the lycan gems are matched and who they go to.
There are numerous troops that change into other troops during battle. They just switch into a different troop during the battle. It happens all the time, and sometimes 2 enemies transform at the same time WITHOUT any transforming traits, it’s not EOE that only can transform a troop into a giant toad because of its Hexed trait, they just transform.

If it’s not lycanthropy and the troop in question has no transformation trait, maybe it’s other troops trait that sumon troops upon allies death. Need more information about what is happening during this “trasformation”.

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How can anyone say things like, “Maybe it’s this & maybe it’s that” when I know there’s nothing influencing the transformation. Look below, and I hope you can see it. They’re from the same game. The 2nd enemy troop from the top, changed into the one below 1rst pic. There was no lycanthropy, no troop had ability to transform themselves or anyone else, and my troops don’t have the ability either.

Not looking to argue, but as mentioned, EoE applies the lycantrophy status effect on troops that it’s used on, so it can cause a troop to transform into a beast in addition to transforming the first troop into a giant toad. That’s what transformed the 4th troop on the enemy team.

Not sure about the 2nd troop, did you use EoE on it?

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Your troops maybe don’t but your EOE does. It casts Lycanthropy every time it goes off. This has nothing to do with tranforming enemies in giant toads, those are two different effects.

That is Valraven that appears on average every 4 games in any sigil-based event and, if you win the game without Valraven escaping, you get 2 extra event sigils for your efforts.
It has existed for as long a sigil events have.

So … what game speed are you running at?

If enemy troops are consistently being transformed into Beasts then this heavily implies Lycanthropy is the culprit (and you are already running EoE which includes Lycanthropy in its list of effects).

Every time Lycanthropy activates you SHOULD see a full moon icon clamp down from the sides of the card (and hear a signature sound effect), but … if you are playing e.g. 4x speed (and are for any reason unable to capture video of it happening) then this can be deceptively easy to miss.

Thank you.
Yes I’ve always seem the full moon with the wolf in the middle pulsating. :roll_eyes:Yes I’m playing at x4 speed. Thanks for your help. Have a great day.

And you are absolutely right. :slightly_smiling_face:I wasn’t thinking lycanthropy was under all that other eoe mess. :joy:
Much appreciated.

Don’t worry, Essence of Evil IS a mess. (Trick and Treat also)

Personally, I think the rendering of status effects should layer Death Mark on top and Lycanthropy second, since these are the most significant effects that could randomly trigger.

For that matter, Death Mark should probably get some kind of custom animation when it triggers to make it clear that THIS (and not a potential dozen other things) was what killed the troop at start of turn.