Dealing with big armor

Any good ideas for team combos for turning the tables the huge armor numbers in some PVP and event challenges? It can get into the triple digits! I use Rope Dart or Mang, but anyone else have any tips?

Those are some of the best ones. The other noteworthy ones are Earth’s Fury (same as Mang but spreads the attack gain over your whole team) and Yasmine’s Pride which packs scaling health gains to the whole team. The latter is much safer to use but you have to have troops with health-scaling damage like Yao or Ketras - otherwise it just makes you beefy and doesn’t do anything.

Megavore shreds all enemy armor at once and packs a wallop but doesn’t really add any monstrous damage to your team otherwise.

These are more inclined towards the 400-1000 total-defense range, if you’re looking at tough PVP then Hope’s Crescent is another strong option that can obliterate troops. Fleshripper and Trickster’s Shot are also good.


Don’t forget about Tesla - damage scales with enemy armor too.


Someone in my Guild has found Faunessa to be useful in PvP matches when going up against much stronger opponents to give them a fighting chance - she is Empowered, and gives your troops Life based on an enemy’s attack.

Tricker’s Shot also destroys a single enemy’s armor, boosting magic, and will let you one-shot with enough casts. Also, Megavore destroys all enemy armor as well with one cast.