Deadly Oakland is recruiting players

Deadly Oakland is looking for few active players lvl 1000+ to play events. We were a guild that prioritized war. For several years we played in brackets 2-5 and found players primarily for the war.

Since war is gone for now we focus on the events. We don’t require you to play especially for trophies or gold for legendary tasks. But we are looking for players who can invest 700K-1M gold in tasks to close all basic tasks and a few epics. Legendary tasks are closed every several weeks by agreement.

If you play alone in an inactive guild and want to collect rewards from events, join us. If you are tired from pvp and explore only for trophies or you are returning after a break, we will also be happy to see you.

We are closing all events. And in the week of the Tower of Doom we are fighting for the top 100.

The main part of the guild consists of players around lvl 1300-1400+. We are an international guild and we have players from different countries: :us: USA, :canada: Canada, :ru: Russia, :poland: Poland, :fr: France, :switzerland: Switzerland, :netherlands: Netherlands, :cn: China, :chile: Chile, :armenia: Armenia. So we will be glad to see everyone.

Discord: oscarbin