Dead opposing troops pccasionally do not disappear

Sometimes when fighting a battle, a dead opposing troop does not disappear.

The battle otherwise proceeds normally; the extraneious opposing troop has no effect.

This hgas occurred multiple times.

A couple of questions:
What platform are you seeing this on?
Do you remember what troops haven’t been disappearing?
Did they have any traits unlocked?
Do you have a screenshot we could look at?

Does the dead troop have Agile?

Thia is happening with the STEAM PC version of GOW. The overpersistant troop is traited with agile and others.

The game looks as if the phatom troops are prtesetn, but the game behaves normally, apparently completely ignoring the phantom troop.

Ok, so this is the Agile Issue that’s been discussed on the forums in the past:

We have a fix, which we are trying to get out asap.

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