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Dawnbreaker barrier doesn’t work

Consistently when I play PVP or explore casting the dawnbreaker makes my troops flash like they have a barrier but the barrier doesn’t work on any of them. Meaning it doesn’t work. Its a glitch that started with the latest update.
Can the developers please fix this?
Thanks in advance.

Just seen this in pvp, my opponent had cast DB and was flashing as if they had barrier but my Infernus still took 2 of them out.

Infernus hits twice with half damage to adjacent troops, that might possibly have removed barrier on the first hit and killed on the second one. However, I also had a weird barrier failure in PvP that I can’t find an explanation for. Used Dawnbringer to barrier up the whole team, directly followed by my opponent killing my front troop with Famine.

Edit: Thinking about this a bit more, Famine must have reduced Life at the start of the turn, removing barrier.