Database problem


Good Morning.

I have some synchronization issues on my account (HIGLANDER_EMUV)

according to the screen that I attach I have 3 troops that I can ascend but I do not have enough troops of that type.

If I go to the site, it appears that I have more troops than those indicated.

Math Problem… How many troops do I have? :sunglasses:

orione artiglio

@Lyya, MadKing advised me to ping you


I have other troops with problems :expressionless:

Pinguino, Ogryn and i don’t know how many others :sweat:


Check under Troops(DON’T CLICK) how many you can disenchant for souls. Different numbers?


That’s definitely weird, Artema is showing the blue upgrade arrow, so your collections seems to know you own at least six copies. Very wild guess, any chance you’ve got a team that contains four Artema?


Shifted this over to Community Content, as is run by @Lyya.


I’ll look into it, though last time this came up it was due to the player being in a “partially-ascended” state like you could be in when we could still select an arbitrary number of troops to sacrifice (and it required IP2 to massage the DB).


The three troops in the bottom screenshots have the blue ascend arrow despite having only 4/5 copies (should be at least 6). It is an in game bug


This is why I don’t post before having coffee.

@kappadocio you might need to submit a ticket to support and they can take a look at your account directly. Just file it under account issue rather than bug report.


thisi is ARTEMA situation


i don’t use it now :slight_smile:


YES, I posted on bug errore


To date, I have verified 6 differences between the database and the indicated troops.
I do not exclude there are also others :expressionless:


But you’ve still got teams that contain multiple copies of Artema? What happens if you change all those teams so that they contain at most one Artema, does it let you ascend?


like this?


Ah, no, I was thinking the other way around, that you might currently have such teams, possibly reducing your Artema count available for ascension from 8 to 4. I guess you’ll really have to open an Account Issue ticket for this to get resolved, just like Ozball suggested.


One thing is right. Penguin and Ogryn are LESS than I had before but in the database they are correct.

So I think @Lyya database is correct and there is a bug in the game.

I would my corrects troops :expressionless:

I will try with support


Hey @kappadocio I’ve replied to your support ticket, but thought I’d post the explanation here so @Lyya knows what’s happened for too.

Basically, under the old Ascension system you put 4x copies of Artema towards her Mythic Ascension.
When we implemented the new Ascension system, all copies of Troops that were added to partial Ascensions should have been sent back to your collection, but for some reason, your Artema copies weren’t sent back, but they were still recorded on your account (so they weren’t “lost”).

I’ve fixed Artema’s Ascension progress and sent your old copies used for the partial Ascension back to your account, if there’s other troops with the problem please reply to your support ticket to let me know and we’ll finish handling it there.

Sorry about that!!!


Thank You @Kafka
I replied with the others troops

great work and efficiency. Good!!!


It’s fixed now :slight_smile: