Data Gathering: Storm Math

Going from @Rasper’s post here:

I decided to do this myself and see what the results were. I encourage/challenge anyone else who’s interested to do the same! More data, more better.

Here is my method and results:

Giant Spider

Dragon Banner

Storm type: Darkstorm

I fought my current defense team of Dwarven Miner x4 in a self PVP battle. My home kingdom is Khetar for these battles in case that ends up being relevant. While I tried to get all casts done in one battle, RNG dropped enough skull matches that I ended up killing the first set of troops before I was done. The line in the results shows where the battles changed. Also the only difference between battles was that I leveled Abhorath from 11 to 18 to increase survivability.

All checks were done after the initial drop, before any matches were resolved (I finally found an actual use for AdobeAir’s freeze while not in focus issue!).

Notes and Observations:

  • Normally the gem spawn chance seems to be roughly 14-15%, and it’s probably 14.2857% as that would be even chances for all gems.
  • Under no storm the number of gems on the board ranged from 3 at the lowest, to 13 at the highest.
  • Storm seems to raise the chance of the gem type dropping by about 10%, bringing it to a roughly 25% chance for the specific gem, lowering all other gems evenly by roughly 1.666r% each (10% split from 6 types), for a result of around 12.619%.

Looking at that data my assumption is that when a gem is created under normal conditions it chooses a random number 1-7, 1 is red, 2 is blue, etc, 7 is skull. Under a storm it instead chooses a random number 1-8, 1 is red, 2 is blue, etc 7 is skull, 8 is storm gem.

So normal all are 14.3%
Storm they are 12.5% for each non-storm and 25% for storm.


Btw, that isn’t what I am seeing with Leafstorm. Maybe some of the storms are going to be better than others.

Also are you casting in PVP or explore?

I would be surprised if they coded the mechanics of the storms differently. Would be good if you can show us some data on the leafstorm to see how different it is to what Oz did.

What happens when multiple storms summoned at the same time?

The new storm will count only.

thanks - would be good if you could have at least two going at one time.