Darkstone typos:


After destroying the second keystone Demetraxia says:

"The Lords of Darkstone makes many potent elixirs."
Lords is plural, makes is singular. Either it is the Lord or it they make (without the s).


I noticed another one, but can’t remember where :confused:


I forgot what the boss says, but it needs to be “your” not “you”.


There was a sentence in one of Luther’s dialogues that didn’t make sense. I think it had to do with Sheggra’s Heart? That sentence felt weird grammatically as well. Sounds like something translated directly from Google Translate…


Could be that dodgy Aussie English again :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea… and also I still don’t understand how Sheggra’s Heart ties into the Darkstone Storyline. It got mentioned once. And then the story ends. It felt like a completely random line that got stuck in there. Or did I not read the story closely enough?


Think it was more of an exclamation, like “By Thor’s Hammer that was a hard strike!”


Agree, that’s how I heard it… and our hero carries Sheggra’s Heart around him/her too, presumably to swear on when some suitable oath is needed… oh and didn’t it have medicinal qualities, per the very first quest line…?


So we’ve corrected some of the typos you’ve mentioned. They should be out during next weeks update at the latest.

As for the Luther line, it’s similar to saying “I bet you a million dollars…”. The idea being that you bet something valuable because you know you’re going to be right.


If you want to be grammatically correct in that sentence, it should be “…I’ll bet Shggra’s Heart that…”