Dark Sanctuary is recruiting

Dark Sanctuary is looking for YOU!

Are you looking for a semi-relaxed, balanced guild that is expanding without harsh restrictions?

We Need From You:

  • 50k Gold
  • 200 Trophies
  • 1,100 Guild Seals
  • All Guild Events, World Events, Invasions, Raid Bosses, Pet Rescues
  • Check chat (Discord and in-game Guild Chat) regularly for updates, etc.

What You’ll Get From Us:

  • A mixture of experienced players
  • Participation in all events
  • Multiple pets weekly
  • Balanced guild/gameplay
  • Active community helping all
  • Loads of information in Discord

We want to see participation, not killing yourself to get a minimum high number, or stressing if you’re going to get kicked from the guild while out having dinner.

We have multiple experienced members that will gladly help newer, younger players. We also have room for more experienced players that are looking to keep enjoying the game, not think of this as a JOB.

If you’re interested in learning more, join our discord at Dark Sanctuary.