Damnation Alley

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New Epic Troop: Herald of Damnation The Herald of Damnation will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Legendary Troop: Baphomet Baphomet will be available exclusively in Event Chests this week, and…


New Legendary troops in event chests in consecutive weeks. RNG truly streaks I guess.


I had all forgotten it was Tower of Doom week on top of Guild Wars week. Thats going to be alot things to do. Lot of things to train new guildies on.

Could you please make some changes to the World Event schedule, so we could have solo Guild Wars week every 4th week? I know its not everyones favorite event, but solo GW week would be less burden on guild (and me).

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At least there won’t be useless event medals equipped to GW defense teams.


There is also an Invasion event next weekend.

:musical_note: On the second day of Christmas the Dev Team gave to me, 3 events in the same week :musical_note:


And 5.3 is being released for most devices during 2.5 major asset events.

Regardless of your faith… If this upcoming week goes by bug/crash free… It’s a Christmas Miracle. (No offense intended to those of other faiths, just saying for comedic effect that it’s still a Christmas Miracle.)

Its even better than that.

Tower of Doom, Guild Wars, AND Invasions on the Weekend


I like your positive thinking!


Please no. Sorry GW fans, but no. For as long as brackets are broken, GW is pointless. It is a faceroll event my guild will win, maybe get second in but probably first place, and it takes less than five minutes a day.

Whereas for those of us in higher brackets GW can easily soak up an hour a day. Three events in a week is too much, bearing in mind there is no energy system in the game so people can always play pvp, explore, arena treasure hunt, et, if no events are on.

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Quoted for truth/emphasis.

I dont doubt that, but as it is painfully difficult for other guilds to climb even with winning each GW, it is an event that most guilds can ignore.

Overall, I would prefer the bracket system fixed so everyone can have fun, and then I would agree that it is too many events.

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I think most people would agree the bracket system needs a fix. It should be possible to get into the top few brackets in a few months, not a few years. Getting a bit off topic though…


Does anyone know how many tier 7 you need to buy to get 55 scrolls total from the ToD event?

In the past I believe it has been 3 purchases of Tier 7, so a total of 2850 gems. Not sure if that’s still the case though.

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A boring, sort of mayonnaise-y week. A Christmas Miracle Whip.

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Baphomet is pretty fun. It likes to triple hit the same target sometimes. Despite Pan technically being stronger, I find Baphomet’s spell (targeting) more useful.

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I vaguely remember the movie!

Add Google releasing Android 11 on Samsung devices (I assume it was already on Pixel prior) this week to add to “chaos week”.

For like the 1 person out there that maxed this red doomed weapon, I find it pairs very nicely with Amarok. Yeah that thing.

World’s most uncreative team is surprisingly effective for obvious reasons:

Doomed Staff +10 - Sunspear
The Possessed King
Lantern Banner

Lep explode = Board refresh = Fill Staff and/or Amarok > Amarok Feeding Time > Staff refills Amarok and the Fire Storm fills in the missing gems from TPK exploded gems > Amarok fills Staff/Amarok for reloop.

Naturally missing the devour kills the fun/value of Amarok, but Staff gives you another chance.