Damage question for a new player

Why do some peoples cards do double the damage the same exact card I am using does? For example my mist stalker does 12 damage and I played against somebody who had a mist stalker that did 24 damage?

Kingdom and team bonuses boost the damage done by the same card on different teams.

Troop Attack stat is determined by:

  • How leveled the troop is (via souls)
  • How ascended the troop is (via ascension)
  • How many +Attack kingdoms you’ve raised to level 10 (via gold)
  • How many level-10 +Attack kingdoms you’ve raised to power level 5 (via maxing troops)
  • What +Attack team bonuses a given team has (certain types/kingdoms)
  • What difficulty you are playing on (for enemy stats)

Troop skull damage is based on the displayed Attack stat, which is modified by:

  • What +Attack buffs a troop has received during the course of the fight
  • What -Attack debuffs they’ve received in the course of the fight

A given attack is further modified by:

  • Whether the attacking troop has a “slayer” attribute against the type of the target troop (x2 skull damage)
  • Whether the attacking troop has status-effect boosting traits (like Pyromania) that give it x2 or x3 skull damage
  • Whether the target troop has Hunter’s Mark (x2 skull damage)
  • Whether the target troop has a skull damage mitigation trait (Armored = -25%, Stoneskin = -50%, Granite Skin = -75% skull damage)

In the case of Mist Stalker, many of the above do not apply, so my immediate guess would be, you were up against a fully-ascended opponent with all the +damage kingdoms unlocked.


What kingdoms are +damage kingdoms?

  • Forest of Thorns
  • Pridelands
  • Wild Plains

From Kingdoms | Gems of War Wikia | Fandom

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