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Daily Tasks not being completed by Delve Event

I have a daily task of winning 1 battle while using the Adana Banner.
I set my Delve EVENT team with the Adana banner.
I’ve completed 8 battles with the banner during the Delve and task will not complete.
Is this a bug?

Do that 1 battle in some other mode then?
Should take a few seconds.
No biggie :wink:

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Still a bug… Which all bug reports are supposed to be reported here. Big or small.

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I’ve passed this along to the rest of the team, thanks for letting us know!

This has been resolved, please restart the game. Let me know if this fixes the task or not as well.

I will not know for a while.
I completed that task by doing an explore.
So, I will just have to wait until it shows up again.
Thanks for the quick fix.