Daily news keeps popping up

Hi! I have a mate in our guild that plays on pc and has an issue with the news screen…it keeps popping back up after closing. The game is unplayable like that. It started happening this week only, so seems unrelated to the latest uodate

Anyone know what can be wrong here? Is there perhaps a skortkey configured for this window? Or some other setting that might cause this



I am the one who has this issue. It just started yesterday, and it’s very frustrating. Basically as soon as the game loads and the campaign world appears, the daily login rewards shows up with the Crazy Cat Lady and a few options on the bottom. if I click anywhere but the buttons, it proceeds to the next page which shows the bonuses for the week (the theme). Clicking outside the window closes it and returns me to the campaign map but the spinning gems circle appears and within a second or two, the daily news popup appears again. I’ve tried quickly clicking a kingdom or another button but they’re all seemingly disabled or overwritten by the loading daily news popup.

I can link from the daily news buttons to a few areas of the game like the bounty or world event, but only if there’s a hotlink on that popup. I can’t even open settings with the esc key. Can’t collect my rewards or upgrade troops, none of that.

One other curious thing is that I used all my honor gifts (for other players) yesterday and it has not updated; still showing 0/5 even though I haven’t donated any honor to another player since yesterday (24 hours ago).

To answer a few questions - I’ve reloaded the game, uninstalled the game and reloaded it, checked other games (they all work fine), opened a text file and typed to see if maybe there was a stuck key (couldn’t find any).

Wish I could get this resolved because right now, most of the game is not playable and I’m not able to contribute much to my guild.

Hope someone has a suggestion how to fix this!


It’s definitely weird. The game keeps track of you playing, the game doesn’t keep track of you logging in. The login timestamp doesn’t increase, so each interaction you do triggers the whole login script again, which includes showing you the news. There’s probably some error server side.

Open a support ticket here, type “Account issue”.

Thanks! I’ve sent a support ticket through the link you provided. I’ll wait to hear back from them.


They fixed my issue and I can get into the game again. If anyone else has this issue, definitely open a ticket and be patient until they get to you. :slight_smile:

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