Daemonomicon in the arena

i can’t tell you people how good this item feels in the arena, not only it’s a great defensive tool that’s always avaiable but it even lets you pull stuff like abhorath and cthyryzyx

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well this is weird, everytime i use daemonomicon, in every arena match i’ve been in it, it’s always abhorath that comes out, is it a bug?

Probably a band aid to balance it with the other weapons profiting from hero class magic bonuses :wink:

Even with the ability to summon legends, the weapon is pretty bad since all weapons have +5 magic in Arena atm. If they ever prevent it from summoning legends in Arena, people may just substitute it for Nysha’s Skull.

Needs more Soothsayer.

It felt pretty underwhelming to me. High cost, single color, low level demon, no secondary effect for when there’s no room in your team. Not exactly what I would call Mythic tier. I’d rather pick a Summoner, easier to fill up, summons a pretty decent Ghoul, provides a team life boost on top.