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👑 Cyprus guild family recruiting dedicated and ambitious players! New and veterans welcome! GW focused

We are a guild family looking for new members.
We were at the top in Sega Heroes with around 240 members across 8 guilds, after the game closed down we ended up in Gems of War.
At the moment we have 2 guilds but we are expanding while we increase the requirements. We are GW focused and very group oriented.
Currently recruiting for: Cyprus and Cyprus II.


We offer all basic tasks, + epics on gw week, 40k seals, all event rewards. Climbing GW.
Requirements: 1M gold/1.3k seals, all events and discord.

Cyprus II

Secondary guild where the least active players stay.
Current requirements are 25k gold/500 seals
No gold needed if kingdoms lvl<10.

We are still growing and looking for very active and ambitious players that want to grow with us, we want to reach the top and set new standards.
We accept veteran and new players alike and will provide all the help they need.
No level requirements, we’ll find you a spot in our family as long as you fit in.
Chatty and fun environment in our discord :slight_smile:

If interested in joining any of our guilds listed above, message me here or for the fastest result on discord.

Thank you all and hope to have a great time in this new community along with everyone.


https://discord.gg/esKMdh8 or add Horuzi#8998

bump… got a few… still have spots in Cyprus and our training guild Cyprus II. Come grow with us!

bump di bump

Cyprus has 2 spots.

3 spots open

3 spots. discord now required.

still recruiting!