Cursed gnomes gone?

I havent seen one since December! I play about 4 hours a day, never miss a daily and always tier 1 pvp! Am i missing something here? I really want to upgrade my forge!


They are rare at least as rare as mana surge gnomes seems even more so. Outside of vault events you are unlikely to see them might see a couple a week if lucky. In vault events they are a little more liekly but mostly do not expect to see many at all outside of doing GAP. every few GAP you do should see one or 2 of them unless actively hunting specifically for them.

Ive done 3 gap, and 1400 battles outside of those and not 1. Where exactly should they appear

I saw three Cursed Gnomes this weekend, one in PvP and two in the same GaP battle yesterday.

On the other hand, I’ve seen a boatload of Music Gnomes this weekend. Even a couple of times where they’d show up in back-to-back battles, or 2-3 times during the same Arena run.

There’s clearly a bias towards other gnomes appearing in lieu of a Cursed Gnome. But that probably shouldn’t be surprising given this game’s history; we’ve seen a lot of resources be very rare for several months or even years after their release and become significantly more common later on. For example, we’re seeing significantly more in the way of Deeds tasks on the Adventure Board in recent months, even if they aren’t quite common enough to satisfy those people who want to push their Kingdom Power Levels to 18 or 20.

So they only appear in pvp naturally

I guess i am just insanely unlucky. 2 vault events with 3 gap each and many many normal activities and not a one, with 1 vaylt event and 3 gap since dec and none

I have had up to 3 CG in a single GAP and a couple with 2 CG each. I just had a CG now in explore and have seen a good half dozen outside of gaps this weekend. It is luck with RNG and playing a lot. Several hours a day gives better chances but could still see few or none if RNGesus frowns on you. Even if you use the GAP in a way to specifically hunt only for CG there is still a decent chance you will not see a single one during 2-3 GAP runs.

They did state that they were rare before and even when they had increased chances the encounter rate was still very low.

I think it may also be that RNG is a numbers game. 3 GAP per vault event is very low I am typically doing a dozen per vault. I also highly suggest investing the gems in the verse offers that appear both the daily offer and the 3 daily arena offers. The keys you get during the GAP runs typically will get you the gems back when using them. A full set of verses costs between 180-200 gems depending if bought with the arena deal or regular daily offer and one epic vault key Cedric drop is 300 gems.

I play an avg of 4 hours a day and see no where near that number of verses. I never use arena though so willlook. Thank you.

Yeah I might also mention I also play at least 6 hours on a slow day often more like 8-10 hours. Like I said it is a numbers game the more volume you have the more you will encounter. Between daily offers arena and just sheer play time that is how I get that many verses plus a little luck.

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What arena though? I looked and noticed nothing worth doing in prizes

The first 3 arena matches you do do a day where you win 5-6 battles in you unlock a reduced gem daily offer. Just like the daily offers you get in the tab each day but they have a reduced gem cost and you only can unlock 3 additional offers per day resetting at daily reset. For the verse offer that normally costs 50 gems for a verse the arena version you unlock is 45 gems. Each time you unlock it there is a counter at the bottom showing how many daily offers remain to be unlocked 2/3 1/3 and 0/3 it will say as you progress through them.

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I am pretty certain that cursed gnome appear in all game modes that a gnome can appear. I rarely do PvP and have quite a bit of cursed runs, so I am getting these through explore battles.

That being said, I agree that their appearance is rare. Never did any data gathering on this, but maybe when a gnome appears, the other gnomes have higher chance of showing up?

I’ve gotten one Cursed Gnome outside of GaP after the introductory buff wore off.

It’s just another game system that effectively doesn’t exist for more casual players because the carrot on a stick is dangled so far away from them, it might as well be located on the opposite end of the galaxy.

Had them a few times. Including while doing daily adventure board, and pvp.
Of course I’d love to see them more often, just like anyone, but they (the devs) have said they are intended as long term goal, and not something you just zerg through in a week’n’done.

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@BigBear an example of an arena offer for completing my first arena of the day.

There’s a growing number of ‘long term’ goals in this game though. How are newer or more casual players / guilds (realistically) expected to catch up and experience more recent content, like ever?

Books, deeds, Nysha medals, cursed runes, underworld, decade long guild wars climb.


Feels like the game has given up on trying to attract new players.


They haven’t given up on attracting them it just takes awhile to get to the point where you will realize that some things will either take a ton of gems to do and/or take a long time to accomplish if ever and assume you might spend some money before you get to that point. An example is the Gobmother’s Wand has been unlocked already for people paying for the “Elite” Campaign Pass which lets them get more campaign stars per week. It is however not obtainable by them right now.

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Cursed gnomes are too rare, but they do exist. I had one last week and so did my friend.