Current State of Mana Lords (50% starts)

Here we have a complete list of all 50% mana starts currently in the game. We have 3 classes (Titan, Mechanist, Shaman), 2 Delve troops (Maraji Queen, King Minos), and 12 other troops. There are 28 different troop types in the game we are focused on (so we’re excluding Gnome, Boss, Tower, and Doom), and we have 16 of them represented (with Shaman represented twice by the troop King Minos and the class Shaman). We’re basically only interested in troop types for types we can play (or hope to play in the future, like Elemental and Construct, which Devs have hinted at). The latest addition is for Dragons.

Some of these troops are better than others. For instance, Divine Ishbaala is very popular because of the high cost of most Divine troops. King Avelorn is very popular because there are three Elf classes. Ghost Queen was a welcome addition. I almost always use it in my Undead teams. Sir Quentin Hadley is fantastic for Knights because they have a similar high cost. Maraji Queen is very popular for Phoenecia teams.

Others are less popular, like for Urska, Orcs, and Rogues.

Troop/Class Troop Type Source Class1 Class2 Class3 Release Date
Essencia Dragon Legendary troop sources Dragonguard x x 2021-05-17
King Minos Tauros Chaos Shards/Faction: The Labyrinth Shaman x x 2021-01-08
The Ghost Queen Undead Legendary troop sources Deathknight Necromancer x 2020-10-31
Sir Quentin Hadley Knight Legendary troop sources Knight x x 2020-02-10
Captain Macaw Rogue Legendary troop sources Corsair x x 2020-01-13
The Maraji Queen Elemental Chaos Shards/Faction: Sunken Fleet x x x 2019-05-17
King Avelorn Elf Legendary troop sources Orbweaver Archer Monk 2019-03-11
Forest Guardian Beast Legendary troop sources Warden x x 2019-03-07
Shaman Tauros Class Shaman x x 2018-12-07
Holy St. Astra Human Legendary troop sources Warpriest Plaguelord x 2018-11-19
Urskula Urska Legendary troop sources Sentinel x x 2018-10-22
Divine Ishbaala Divine Legendary troop sources Priest x x 2018-02-19
King Silenus Wildfolk Legendary troop sources Bard x x 2017-10-09
King Highforge Dwarf Legendary troop sources Runepriest Slayer 2017-07-31
Titan Giant Class Titan Warlord x 2016-03-09
Mechanist Mech Class Mechanist x x 2016-03-09
Gar’Nok Orc Legendary troop sources Barbarian x x 2015-08-23
Centaur Oracle x x
Construct x x x
Daemon Diabolist Doomsayer Sorcerer
Fey Frostmage Hierophant x
Goblin Thief x x
Merfolk Tidecaller x x
Monster Dervish x x
Mystic Archmagus x x
Naga Assassin x x
Raksha Sunspear x x
Stryx Stormcaller x x
Wargare x x x

If Goblins get a 50% start I will literally uninstall.


Agree, 50% goblins should never happen…

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