Currencies? (Beginner)

I’ve been playing for a few days (level 31).

I’m sure there are lots of things I haven’t figured out but the one that’s bugging me at the moment is: what to spend and when.

There are guild keys, and gold and glory keys. There is glory itself. There are souls. There are traitstones.
There are probably a bunch more not coming to mind.

The question is: what do I spend as soon as I get it and what should I save for some purpose that will become clear later?

Save all gems until u get enough for dragon and celestial armor…spend glory on weekly glory rewards mostly…spend gold on kingdoms…I unlocked all mine first before leveling them to 10 not sure which method is best for that…if ur in a guild save ur guild keys until the end of the week or month…there’s more but that should get u started on about the right path

Some currencies can be used to open chests of similar rairty.

  • Gold = Gold Chests.
  • Glory = Glory Chests.
  • Gems = Gem Chests.

That is using raw resources to open chest trying to get new cards/troops. On the other hand there are keys for each quivalent chest.

  • Gold Keys = Gold Chests.
  • Glory Keys = Glory Chests.
  • Gem Keys = Gem Chests.

Kind obvious, but then you must consider that having the raw resources at hand is preferable because you could use them for many things while the keys can only be used to open chests. A few examples of what can be done with each raw resource:

  • Gold = Unlocking and Increasing the level of your kingdoms, the more kingdoms at higher levels you have unlocked the better because at each hour you can log into the game and collect tributes that varies in amount and types of resources each kingdom can provide.
  • Glory = Every week at least one Glory pack is available at Shop, the pack contains at least one troop, some traitstones, Gold and Glory keys and some gold.
  • Gems = You can purchase armors as toljazn mentioned. Each armor gives you a permanent boost in resources you gain from battles (XP, Souls and Gold).

That pretty much covers the basics. Any particular question/doubt left?


Thanks for the info!

Are the glory packs generally a good idea? I have enough for Snake Charmer, for example…

Also, I forgot to ask about using seals. Are they for guild chests only?

Seals are for guild chest only.

Also, you can look up @Tacet the terror on youtube for educational videos (e.g. resources explained, traitstones explained, troops & teams and so on).

Personally, I don’t think Snake charmer is good enough troop to spend your first glory on.

You basically want to look at the event forum thread for the troop and see how much praise or shame is falling on it. If you have to budget your glory. (And yeah Snake Charmer is rubbish, don’t do it…)

That being said, if its an Epic, you probably want to get it anyway because it has two Arcane Traitstones in the bundle.

More important than resource budgeting is getting a good guild, or even just an active guild. That way you will have more resources to work with.

You surely should check out all of Tacet’s videos. He makes regular videos every week.

Krudler made a good series for beginners that could help you out. (Granted, this video is a little out of date, but most of the tips are still solid.)