Cunning Linguists, Casual PS4 guild with low reqs looking for active players

About Us

Casual PS4 guild looking for a few active players who want to grow as a team. Low guild requirements (currently 10k Gold, 350 Seal, 50 Trophies) but several of us contribute above requirements. Our primary focus is activity in guild events, so inactive players will be kicked to make room for new recruits. Our low level players are free to use their gold for leveling kingdoms and underworld hoards. Guild chat is semi-active and everyone is encouraged to ask questions or provide tips and tricks. Collectively, we average around 12k-15k seals and 5 million gold per week, but that will improve as our lower level players grow and can contribute more. We’re currently bracket 22 in guild wars, so even our lower level players can make good showings.

About Me

IGN: GoCanes
Currently level 679, all kingdoms are level 10 and 4 star+. I play daily and answer questions/provide help in guild chat.

How To Join

Search for us in the guild list if you are level 200+, as we do not require invites currently and you can join if we have an opening. If you are under level 200 but active and want to grow, you can message me your invite code and I can invite you. We currently have 2 spots open. If you are looking for a guild with low weekly requirements but still earning rewards, join us. :slight_smile: