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Cult of Hodor [full] is taking all comers!

Hard to believe that a holy guild dedicated to the great half-giant idiot hero Hodor would be falling on hard times, but with GoW losing it’s player base we need new flagellants.

Cult of Hodor has no set requirements but, even as desperate as we are, will drop people if they’re gone for weeks on end without giving notice.

Help make Hodor great ( or even OK) again!

Sheepish bump…


You may think that Cult of Hodor is a low level guild desperate for people…and you’d be right. But consider how much other guilds expect from you…it would be like a part time job where you’ll get fired as soon as you start slacking off. I’ve seen plenty get burned out putting in 10 hours+ a week and then quitting altogether or get forced out of their super competitive guilds.

Cult of Hodor is a casual+ guild where we don’t keep daily or weekly tabs on our members and only kick people out after they’ve become inactive for weeks on end.

Give the Cult of Hodor your efforts and we’ll “hold the door” when you need a break.

With great power comes great responsibility (constant grind for guild requirements)…

Cult of Hodor is for the rest of us!

The neato Cult of Hodor has the world abuzz and still has 3 openings. Don’t be a square Scientologist, join us today. Just respond here or send me a private message.

This Master IV guild currently has 2 openings! Join today.

Cult of Hodor is on the rise (rank 452+). We are beginning to gain ranks again but still need two enthusiastic members for continued momentum. Become a cultist today!

still grinding up gold and lvling kingdoms, but looking for an active guild to get in!

Just provide your Invite code and I’ll add you to the Cult of Hodor. You can checkout any time you like…


Invite sent!

Cult of Hodor is currently full. However there are two disciples who haven’t been active and may have to be excommunicated.