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Cu Sith has too high drop rate from event chests

So I opened 50 event chests and almost half of them dropped Cu Sith. Then I decided to backtrack the drop rate from event chests of other epics during their release week using Taransworld. Here are the results

Name —% from 1 event chest
Senita —4.11%
Scurvy Seadog —4.11%
Lord Ember —4.80%
Cu Sith —40.7%

Is it intended?

Yes, it is intended. A troop from glory shop has a triple chance to appear from event keys during their release week. Cu Sith is ultra rare and there only 2 other ultra rares in Bright Forest so the chance for Cu Sith if there is ultra rare from event chest is 3 out of 5.

Chance for troop from event chest is 80%. 84.88% chance that it will be ultra rare. Chance for Cu Sith in that case 60%. So 0.8 * 0.8488 * 0.6 = 0.407424


I used my event keys to get three of each legendary to ascend them to mythic, and after 200 event keys i managed it, also a total of 74 Mythic Cu Siths after ascending them…

Oh I see now. Thanks for your explanation. My bad I thought this week troop was an epic. Other ultra rares did have ~30-40% drop rate during their release week too
Please close this thread

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Dhrak-Zum will also be weird if we happen to have an event around it soon. When a kingdom has less than 15 or so troops, this is bound to happen.