Cross Save/Account Transfer

Is it possible for me to transfer my account or data from my old PlayStation days playing this game to PC?

I haven’t played for years and I’m thinking about playing again, but I’d rather not lose everything I had before as I do have some attachments and not have to start from scratch.

Unfortunately not

Hmm, that’s pretty big in a bad way if true.

Really was thinking about coming back after all these years but I may just have to leave this game in the past.

I mean, it’s really not all the difficulties in the modern day of recovery codes and using the cloud. and CERTAINLY not user-friendly. This website here could easily be dedicated to providing such a thing.

Sony hates cross-ANYTHING if they’re not getting money shoved up their ass to do it.

This particular thing is not the devs fault. Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo require seoerate servers for their games. Only cross play is on PC/mobile.

There is a difference between Cross Play and Cross Save.

Giving someone the ability to create a code and transfer their acct info to another platform is much less of a nightmare and is something you can offer through your own customer service. The cross play part is understandable because you have to go through getting each company to approve having servers that interact with a competitor but being able to move your account to another platform, especially from a console to PC or Mobile, is a service one should be able to provide themselves outside of any of these companies.

I’m not asking for anything less than allowing me to keep my acct, transferring it from PlayStation to PC. They have acct linking available already, just not for consoles outside Mobile and PC which really isn’t excusable in this modern age.

I’ll see if I can contact the support team to try whip something up. I’m not even looking to link, I just want a full acct transfer: I never plan on going back to my PS4 to play it, I’m actually just downloading it again so that I have it ready for a full transfer to PC.

Inherently different infrastructure and the consoles didn’t start the same way that the mobile version did. Hell, the Switch is always behind in terms of updates. It’s just not feasible.