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Cross Play Possible?

Another company i love is making a game that you can play on any device and continue on another, they are known as Artix Entertainment. and so i was wondering if 505 could do the same thing? maybe the one adjustment could be that if you started on console, it could see that and limit your access to content on the pc and mobile since console is behind in updates.

I’m not sure exactly how it works, but from what AE has said about it, it sounds pretty simple, atleast for cross play between pc and mobile.

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Due to legal requirements from Microsoft and Sony, PlayStation and XBox versions play on different servers from each other and from PC/mobile. PC/mobile accounts can be joined, but they cannot be connected to console accounts. Devs have hinted/stated in the past that this is unlikely to change.


I know these people intimately from childhood. (do not read too much into that please.)