Cross Play / Cross Save

I find it baffling that after years of cross platform and cross save games becoming common place across consoles, PC and mobile that this is still not a feature. I get that there are issues in making this a reality but surely if so many games are implementing these feaures then those stumbling blocks must be crumbling. Or at the very least becoming easier to navigate.

It would be a massive boost to the game. I know that my engagment with the game would increase greatly. Whilst my wallet would probably shrink even more lol

I know this most likely won’t come to fruition but you have to dream don’t ya?


Blame Sony.
Gems of War isn’t big enough to make Sony play nice with others.

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Should have been done years ago, on the consoles anyways. I’m sure there’s reasons why Steam/PC won’t work with the consoles. But there’s zero excuse for the consoles not being cross play.

I think NSW players would be left out since they’re behind by 2-3 Campaigns. Plus Guilds would still be limited to being console exclusive per say, ie. PC/Mobile players can’t join a PSN clan, etc.

Most of us (Switch Players) would be fine with catching up to live, even if we had to grind 3 campaigns in a row.

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Never going to happen. Profit-sharing contracts between 505 and the various platforms stand in the way, and always will. Platforms will never a allow you to pay in one place and play in another. The pricing and deals aren’t the same on each platform. Playstation doesn’t even allow gems to be included in flash offers, and switch is still paying $50 for dk armor.

The size of Gems of War shouldn’t matter considering Power Rangers Fight for the Grid is crossplay from PC to Xbox to PS4, and compared to other games in its genre, it’s really small (e.g. compare it to Tekken which doesn’t have crossplay)

That said, every game that I know of that has crossplay also has you log into an external server. Whether Street Fighter 6’s “Capcom Fighting Network” or the aforementioned Power Rangers game having theirs. Guilty Gear Strive has your R-Code sign up through ArcSystem works, etc.

Power Rangers:

Comparatively, Gems is much bigger than PRFFTG.

It’s just the first game of it’s kind to do that.

My argument remains if Gems of War was a big enough game then they could make cross play a reality. That doesn’t mean smaller games can’t work out cross play contracts from the start.

The fact that Gems of War launched on separate platforms at different times makes it more complicated. 505 Games is the one that works out the platform contracts… Not Infinity plus 2.

It’s actually not the first to do that. It’s the first to have crossplay across all systems.
AFAIK, Street Fighter 5 was the first to do it - but it’s only crossplay between PC and PS4.
Power Rangers is the first to do it across PC/PS4/Xbox/Switch/Stadia.

But yes, your point is taken.