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Criticize My Army

Jarl*** (Burns a random enemy, primary dps)
Herdmaster*** (“generator” and added effect of removing negative effects)
Queen Mab*** (Freezes a random enemy)
Moloch*** (Debuffs a random enemy)

The idea behind the army is for something negative to occur to my opponent when I match 4 or 5 gems, which happens frequently when using Jarl. I find the team to be very effective, even taking out 8,500 point armies like 3 apocalypse set ups.

What would you change if this was your team? I recently picked up Emporer Khorvash and while he does have an effect on 4/5 gem matches, I am not convinced he fits into this army.

Why would he not work? He covers Queen Mab’s blue but he uncovers Moloch’s red. Stun is WAY better than burn and Khorvash has Stoneskin as his 2nd trait, making him a better tank.

Khorvash is better than Jarl in just about every way. In fact, as good as Jarl can be, Khorvash is one of the best troops in the game, including even the legendaries.

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I don’t argue Khorvash is fantastic, but for this build he cannot replace Jarl since Jarl is generating the 4/5 gem matches and triggering the effects. He could however replace any of the other 3 troops. Part of the reason I wanted criticism is I like the freeze effect shutting down matches and even though Moloch is not really that powerful, but drain has saved me more than once. Getting an outsider’s opinion helps me take the “blinders” off.

As for Khorvash – I felt the same way as you about whether or not the stun or 4/5 matches would be a good fit. But it is fantastic. Not to mention that, similar to Moloch, he drains not just one, but TWO troops. Playing my EK team is often the answer to those annoying meta teams out there atm. With EK’s triple doom (drain, stun, true damage), you can’t go wrong…on offense. IMO, the AI can’t play it for crap, so it isn’t as good on defense.

If Jarl is doing your mana generation, you could always replace Herdmaster. With Khorvash, you should be killing so fast that cleansing all allies becomes relatively useless.

Unfortunately, your team is missing the only required troop in the entire game:


Edit: If you really want to try the 4-5 match style teams you could try Salad Dragon, and let the AI match skulls all day.

Truth, if it were my team I’d replace Jarl AND Herdmaster.

Khorvash / Valk / Mab / Moloch

Jarl is great but with increasing troop life/armour his cast has become weakened over time. He isnt scaling well with the game. Unfortunately it took me 6+ months to get his arcanes so missed the height of his usefulness

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to be honest i dont like any Jarl-based deck if it doesnt have at least a solid +4 to +5 red mana bonus (counting flag and fire links)

for the sake of your progression i would replace herdmaster with valkyrie and use dragon banner

sylvanimora, plague or goblin rocket also could work, but the souls man, the souls will groan in sadness if you dont take them…

i also agree with the guys above that emperor khorvash is great unit and can be a good base to build deck around, your extra turns can be also generated by valkyrie+ another transformer looping each other in an EK deck

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