Crit Happens! is recruiting - minimal requirments - 1 spot open

we are currently ranked mid 50’s, and our level lets you get 2100 gold a day if you play everyday.
we get the 20k for guild seals regularly

requirements - would like most of your kingdoms leveled already but isnt necessary
50k gold -
300 seals a week. (after daily log in, this is between 10 and 20 battles a week)
1 week every 3 months, 1500 seals for the 40k seals - next is July 31st (so we hit the 40k during new mythic)
join our discord channel for announcements/discussions fun/codes.
Guild wars are optional but encouraged. (we do register every week) and our discord has many levels of builds.

This week we are in bracket 6 for the guild wars.

Do you still have room?
If so I would leave my guild to join yours. Right now most people are not contributing to the guild and it frustrate me…

Forgot to say my username is Goras.

we do have an opening :slight_smile:

Awesome! I will leave my guild right away!

invite sent :slight_smile:

Bump for new openings

bumping for new openings - hoping to fill before sumday night - we get most of our tasks monday morning.


have fun and good luck

have 3 openings - was out of town today (sorry for the delay @Vinard)

Bumpity bump

STill have 3 spots open…

hi. still have openings :slight_smile:

Hi! My friend dont have registraition here. He active player, invite him plz))
Invite code - SEDOY_2

Invite sent - 2 spots open

filled :slight_smile: welcome new recruits.

Are there any spots? This is what I was able to do last week

Also, may I hang out on discord?

we are out of spots currently. However i will put you on our wait list.
if you want to join our discord channel that is cool. the link is

invite sent.

still have a spot open