Crimson Dawn

You could repost them in order of highest to lowest points?

Always seems backwards to me doing it the other way :laughing:

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@Saltypatra I’ve tagged the mods on beta with screenshots regarding the phases and Werebat, Werestag and Hatir Ascendant


hell yeah, looks fun!! 2 new troops comin!! and both em look pretty good!

Thanks for reporting this everyone, our team is looking into it now.


Scarlett has 2 alter egos! :zipper_mouth_face:

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Honestly I love Scarlett’s lore. In my head she runs the Crimson order now and is recruiting to grow numbers. However, she has more respect for Beasts and the natural world, and is actively fighting Lycanthropy as instead of all Beasts.


Given the general reaction to lycanthropy I think the Crimson Order is going to get a lot more recruits in the fight against lycanthropy. Recruiting will not be an issue.


I’m not against the lore aspect (agreed, kind of cool), but I don’t think we needed what’s basically a Scarlett clone (who has limited use anyway) taking up space in Maugrim’s drop pool. If Meira had the Crimson Agent’s loadout or similar and we left it at that, I’d be more enthused.

2 new boss troops currently in soul forge also from Maugrim Woods. Very cheap crafting cost too strangely.


If you want it a certain way, you could do it. Why ask others, when you can easily do it yourself?

So after reset we will have 999 troops. I hope we get a special troop before Friday. Will our 1000th troop just be one of the crappy delve troops?


wouldnt get your hopes up

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8 major blue orbs is cheap compared to other boss troops though not too easy to get.

The other one only needing major wisdom orbs is great.

Very nice, much more accessible than other bosses.


Here are the images to help you this week.


Average Tier Buy in per member to close all rewards in World Event is Tier 4 (~85 battles) :persevere:. This is the highest its been since World Events were introduced (and reworked in those first weeks)




Thanks a lot.

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Yes, I’ve been meticulously crafting Power Orbs to find I didn’t need them and now have only one Major Orb of Ascencion left! Whoops!

I don’t understand how the 2 new craftable troops are “boss” rarity (red border like Zuul and Enraged Kurandara) but when they combine together to make Hatir & Scroll they are then only mythic rarity? Should be the other way around imo.

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:weary: I really hope it doesn’t need tier 4 average, that’s just too much

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I don’t think it will be a problem, most players will buy tier 4 anyway for the new weapon and a lot of players will go to tier 6 to mythic the new troop.

Is the event shop weapon again unusable in the world event?