Crimson Bat double/quad damage

In today’s guild wars fights I was seeing a Crimson Bat with 38 attack deal 76 and 112 damage off single skull matches. Presumably the 112 was 152 but my lead troop didn’t have enough health to show it all.

The troop taking 112 was a wounded Emperor Khorvash, so he should have been triggering Bloodsucking but not Divine Slayer. The troop taking 76 was a freshly summoned Silver Drakon, so it shouldn’t have been triggering either trait

I have also managed to get a screenshot, of my Draakulis taking 57 damage (382.75 for armored) with way more than his starting life.

Your top troop will always be wounded as Death will have triggered on it. Wounded is not the same as your health not showing green anymore, unfortunately.
About the Khorvash, I dont know what happened there.


I realized that about the Drakon after I had finished typing it up, which as you say is one part solved.

Also if ‘wounded’ is described as ‘has taken health damage, ever’ they should be a lot more clear on that. Even if like mana burn it’s a term used on exactly two cards.

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Wounded keyword is quite buggy. For example in PvE matches with higher than normal difficulty, wounded doesn’t trigger right away.
Example: Some guy has 20 hp. In normal mode, taking 1 damage is considered ‘wounded’.
If you increase difficulty and he now has 24 damage, taking 1-2 damage will not make him ‘wounded’, even though the health icon is red. Might be, that he has to go down to 19 hp, to be wounded. I haven’t played around with that for a long time, but using a Wolf Knight used to be a pain.

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I believe that as long as a troop has taken a single point of damage off his starting life, he is considered wounded. That’s why the Death and Crimson Bat combo is so effective.

Wounded is when the current health of a troop is lower than its maximum health.
In the case of this Draakulis, his lifesteal increases both, his current health and his maximum health, so even though his current health is much higher than his starting healt, since he did take damage in the fight his current health is still lower than his maximum. If you also had an actual healer(not a life giver) and Draakulis would have been to his maximum hp he would not count as Wounded anymore.
With a lot of shenanigans introduced in the past and our meta it is quite futile to keep your front troop at maximum health at any point though, so Bats trait is practically a passive x2 Skulldamage…