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Crikey! as an error message

Just finished a treasure map & instead of getting the final tally screen I got a pop-up box that said “Sorry” and “Crikey!” & then it booted me back to the main screen.

Mostly posting this because I didn’t know that “Crikey!” could be an error message and it was funny.


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Given that “crikey!” is an all-purpose relatively mild expletive in the local dialect of English that the devs and I share, I think it works quite well as an error message. :smiley:

Somewhat jealous that I haven’t seen this error message though… :smirk:


I spent 3 months in Australia and never once heard anyone say Crikey!

Now I feel cheated.

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As a professional coder I would routinely put “odd” error messages while I was debugging, but remove them once they debugging was done. Chances are this was a similar debug box that got left in, especially if it is rare and is followed by a force close.


That message is reserved for when something REALLY weird happens on the server, and the game gets into an unusual state that it can’t recover from. As @Rasper correctly said… it was a corner case that should never have been able to be visible to a player!

I’ve just gone looking to see if I can figure it out. I found 2 cases that could trigger it:

  • It might be able to trigger if you switched up devices while playing a treasure game. Not 100% certain of this, but I can almost see how it might happen.
  • It can happen due to some treasure game hacks being used (but we know you didn’t hack the game @Personette, we checked your account for that).
  • The only other way it might happen is if the internet accidentally corrupted a message on the way to the server in a very unusual manner.

Given the fact that we have millions of requests back and forth to our servers every day, I guess that last case might actually occur now and again. We’ll definitely look into it (and the first multi-device issue too)


@Sirrian I’m pretty sure the problem the game ran into was actually weather related. We were having a lightning storm & I live in a rural area where all our infrastructure is pretty iffy, so the electricity and the internet get really unstable, flicker on and off, etc.

The game settled down once the storm passed.

edited to add: I probably should have mentioned the weather thing in my original post! I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. Sorry about that.


The storm scared your game, yelled Crikey!

You got the rare 1 in 250,000 accounts that the AI is actually a @Sirrian brainscan. So it’ll randomly blurt out Aussie idioms time to time.


The only time you’ll ever here crikey is watching old croc hunter reruns. That and Danger Danger Danger!

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Lol, I’m an Aussie, and I occasionally use the term ‘crikey’ - usually those moments when the f-bomb is just not appropriate but SOMETHING has to come out. @Personette you must have been hanging in the wrong circles :slight_smile:

I suppose things COULD get considerably weird while playing online during a lightning storm.

A long time ago I was connected up to aol.com and playing a mini-game on PC, when a nearby power transformer got hit by lightning. I heard and felt the blue flash/fizzle and the whump as it exploded. We were without electricity for the next 15 hours. I noticed later that the modem card inside the PC had slag on it. But the PC and the modem itself seemed to work fine afterwards nonetheless. That computer/modem setup has since been long discarded, but not sure a UPS could have absorbed the 500 MJ dissipated by the strike anyway!


Austin Powers reference, perhaps? :wink:
Crikey! I’ve lost my mojo! Lol

[URL=http://gifsoup.com/view/3632155/austin-powers-crikey.html][/URL] [URL=http://gifsoup.com]GIFSoup[/URL]

Or even better


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I don’t have to feel jealous now - I got my very own Crikey! error message. Steps taken:

  1. Start a treasure game on Steam and get a few moves in.
  2. Get distracted, leaving the game open on PC.
  3. Over the course of 6 or 7 hours, play some PvP and probably a little bit of TH on Android.
  4. Come back to the PC and finish the TH game on Steam, knowing full well it’s not going to count.
  5. Crikey! message which booted then me back to the main map with no TH rewards.

Hope this helps track it down. :slight_smile:

I just been criked, 3 times in a row! Print screen Paying on pc

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Makes sense that Crikey! is untranslatable. :joy:

You’ll hear more ‘bugger’ than ‘crikey’, but to know it’s been used in the game is DAMN funny.

On another note, @Sirrian, has it been long enough now so that we can make jokes about sting-ray’s?