Crescendo attack description

True damage only goes up every other turn. So still 6 after the first cast, then to seven after the 2nd, stays on 7 at the third cast, goes to 8 on the 4th. The description on this card suggests that you gain 1 magic at each cast - in fact the ‘magic graphic’ does happen - but no increase !

As noted in the wiki, :grin:, the cost is [Magic/2], confirmed by @Nimhain

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But how in the heck are you supposed to know that? There is nothing whatsoever to explain that. Other cards, when saying gain +1 magic actually do gain +1 magic. This card should say ‘gain 1 magic every other turn’ The current description is somewhat misleading I feel.

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Agree that’s really misleading!

All that’s necessary is a kind of tool-tip to the right similar to the Ratios on monster cards. That would clear thing up.

Its the only thing in the game with a magic to number ratio that isn’t 1:1. I like the possibilities it opens up, but a tool-tip is needed - something similar to what we have for boost ratios.

Correct. My thoughts exactly - otherwise there is no way of knowing that this ratio exists.

Well, just curious - does anyone use this weapon now? Or is it for collectors mostly?

I’ve had fun with it and sometimes i throw it in as a placeholder when testing other cards/team dynamics. So…kinda :shrug: