Creeping Death Weapon Upgrade Question

So, I’m a mid-200’s Player who’s been using and upgrading Creeping Death like clockwork over the weeks, and soon I’m going to unlock the Dying ability which adds “Create a Skull” to the spell. My question: Do I get to choose where the skull goes or is it random, and if random, is it worth it?

It seems like creating a single random skull would be more likely to set up my opponent to get a skull match on their next turn than to cause a match outright as part of casting the spell. Then again, choosing where the skull goes could also be incredibly powerful…


its random, so it is not a good skill.

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Does this mean it would be better to just stop leveling the weapon than to get Dying?

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Yes (in my opinion, at least). This is something many people have a problem with, atm (with a whole bunch of weapons, not just this one).

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