Credit where credits due


The devs get a hard time off us on occasion but after playing pvp for a couple of hours today I really noticed the diversity and enjoyed my game time all the more for it…great job guys👍


One of the finest small patches we have ever gotten.


Except it wasn’t a patch. It was an easy server side change they should have made years ago.


Then that means other long awaited changes are gonna happen! A certain someone will have to wait on his kingdom getting buffed since it’s still too recent. I too hope that kingdom gets buffed so much it’s sick. Here’s hoping Pan’s vale has a surprise twist.


They failed to deliver a simple cute arctic fox… Even after the artist TRACED a photo…
What hope do i have?

Speaking of hope, my Flutter has a message to cheer everyone:

:heart_eyes: Best pet!


Thank you, everyone! We’re glad you are happy! :smiley: :bird: