Creatures in need of Buff

Starting a thread where the community can gripe about… I mean raise the attention of Troops that have been outdated and out of sync with the latest standards, and therefore in need of a buff.

I’ll be updating this list as ideas spring to me.

  1. DRACOS 1337
    Comment: Seriously? Not LEET at all. If Kerberos is getting a buff from 25% to 50% devour, shouldn’t DRACOS’s disintegrate get similar buff as well?

  2. Tankbot 2000
    Comment: At Mythic 20 level, Tankbot’s Gearstrike spell only steals 4 armor… This seems a pittance compares to the kind of Armor everyone is sporting around nowadays.

  3. Roc
    Comment: Ugh, why is this a One-Shot Spell is beyond me. I don’t think it’s terribly powerful compares to other existing buff in game, and it’s 3rd unique Trait is Arcane, which is effectively useless as soon as the spell is cast :expressionless:


Great idea! All the Imps can be added. :slight_smile:

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Don’t know if you saw this:


I feel that this thread is more about which troops needs a buff the most, but I might be wrong.

  1. You can be immune to devour.
    … You can’t be immune to being destroyed by Dracos 1337. If the cost is lowered, we are as good as done. Agreed on the buff.

  2. Talking about non-scaling abilities as Tankbot. You haven’t had the pleasure of having Dokkalfar, have you? That is a global issue.

  3. Roc makes sense for arena battles (not the trait, tho). Not all troops were made to make sense for 800+ lvl PvP.

But to support the list.
The almost-new Shadowblade - damage is extremely low and random.
Sand Cobra.
Let’s not forget Gar’nok and Goblin King from legendaries.

I still think I don’t want them to divert the attention from fixes and proposed content to wide balance update…
But having a healthy discussion about weak/unused troops is never a bad thing. Maybe we get lucky in the future.


My opinion of troop Buffs is the same as in the past. Troop changes need to be bite sized for testing, balance, finding exploits, etc. The best option seems to be one Kingdom at a time and just rotate through them.

The developers just need to keep up their work on this. :slight_smile: I think they get busy and forget for a few months, then jump back on the horse and we get a Kingdom refresh.

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They need to buff Wayfinder to do true damage like Amira. With the amount of defense teams using Famine, it would be really nice counter.

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to be fair, roc is devastating with that static 8 attack and life buff when i was just starting out this game. i think it was designed for early game. just like dark master and archon statue.


I definitely agree that DRACOS needs a buff, mana cost reduction, or something else. I mean devour even let’s the devourer absorb all of the enemy troop’s power while DRACOS’ “destroy” does not.

That’s not even getting into how gimped some other troops are compared to devour. Case in point: Dwarven Slayer for end-game players. If there are troops with 100% devour chance like Maw, what about having Dwarven Slayer have a 100% destroy chance? Hell, you’re killing off the Slayer while Maw and other devour troops not only stay in the match, but get buffed. At least let him guarantee an enemy death even at end-game.

While we’re at it, why would I spend 3 mana to destroy 1 single gem with Dwarven Miner when I can spend 8 mana to destroy 24 gems with Tyri? And Dwarf Lord is more like a Dwarf Pleb for end-game players. In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing the entire Dwarf race get an overhaul.

As an end-game player that really likes Tolkien lore, Dwarves and Goblins should be my #1 played races. Unfortunately, they’re pretty bad for end-game players. I could start going into why various Goblins (prime example: Goblin King) are bad for end-gamers, but is there really even a point?


Dwarfs need some love. It’s true.
So do Orcs too, for that matter.
But I think goblins are at a good place right now. Their racial extra turns and common rarity make them useful in the early-middle game.

Not disagreeing with you at all about other races needing love more, but Goblins low (average) rarity is also what makes them not necessarily bad, but rather really slow in endgame.
Last weeks event made me dust off my Goblins and while i really enjoyed playing them again with their distinct playstyle, i also realized that it is a real piece of work to chew off the current immense health/armor values with their manaefficient but ultimately weak damage spells.
I absolutely love the Nobends and Goblins could really use some more higher rarity additions to their roster with at least slightly more expensive and more impacting spells.


Grosh-Nak is high on our list for kingdom reworks. So a Gar’Nok buff won’t happen until then. Khaziel is also on the list as well, but we don’t have ETA on when either will happen though.

So Ogre is a troop that is unlikely to a buff (at least to his spell), as he is one of the first troops encountered to new players.

With the Roc, we may look at a buff for him but it would be after level 15 for him, as otherwise he becomes a little too good in the arena.


Well, at 18 mana cost of a single color, it’s pretty hard to use. I rarely win using it in Arena. Cheap damagers (e.g. musketeer, centaur scout, goblin, …) are way better.

All oneshot spells suffer this issue : very high price, often for not that great spells (that illuminated purple guy, which requires 18 mana, to buff my other allies by 5 damage, I’m way better just casting my allies spells twice :frowning: ).

I understand we have to be careful how much we buff the oneshot spells, but right now they are abyssmal.

Btw, Runic Blade IS overpowered for arena (but that need 32/32 masteries I think, so it’s not exactly early players).


Is divinion fields going to get a buff even if just a little one? It’s my favourite kingdom but as I’ve levelled higher the troops there just don’t cut it. Would love to use my old team again :smiley:

You’ll find that several kingdoms are on our list (especially some of the older ones like Divinion Fields) .


Gloom leaf rework

24mana red/green
He has 0 attack and it cannot be increase by anything

Ability - Remove all enemy armor (all 4 troops) can only be cast once.

Legendary trait- Timber - All damage received from skulls is also dealt back to the attacker. (Including overkill damage. If you have 40 hp and get hit for 90, the attacker takes 90 before you die)

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Xdarkknightx09 => that’s not a Treeman you describe, it’s a Door full of skipes. I doubt this leak is real.

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Peasant is just fine the way it is!

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that was feature request suggestion not a leak

and yeah i agree a door

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