Crash on Karakoth Challenge: Eldritch Dreams final star

I have attempted to beat this challenge 3 times and each time it crashes when my druid kills abhorath last. And by crash i mean the game completely freezes in the middle of him being hit for fatal damage. This happens whether its a skull kill or an ability kill, it just freezes then crashes out.

My team is Herdmaster (epic), Valkyrie (epic), Alchemist (epic), Druid (legendary)

EDIT: Upon further investigation this seems to be happening fairly consistently when my druid kills ANYthing in karakoth challenges that is in last position.

Actually, I ran an experiment. It’s not your cards; it’s the Sacrifice trait. It tries to give stats to a dead troop and that results in a game crash. Abhorath has such trait, and killing it results in the outcome already detailed.

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If this is correct, then mentioning it here will have been instrumental in helping us fix it!

It IS correct. I tried it 3 times, even killing Abhorath first via using troops that allow you to target foes. My game froze every time. Run the final star of the last Karakoth challenge and destroy Abhorath in any fashion. Your game will freeze due to Sacrifice attempting to add skill points to itself despite having just been destroyed. TV Tropes would call this a Logic Bomb.


A TV Tropes reference! In 2016!

Aw, that warms my heart.

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What can I say, I love me some tropes ^-^

But yeah, that trait is bugged; also, would you believe that the post Strange replied to was my first one here?


Did either of you guys manage to replicate what happened to @Dustin1280 and I? I think we both want to 100% at least Karakoth.

Hey it looks like thats the issue, I appreciate you figuring that out, with any luck the devs will patch the issue.

I actually reported this bug to 505 Games Support last week and was informed yesterday that the bug is in fact due to the Sacrifice Trait and the developers have fixed it and it will install with the next update which should be “very soon.”

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I can confirm this. We don’t yet have a release date for when that next update will be coming, but we’ll let everyone know just as soon as we’ve nailed down our plans.

You’re welcome for me bringing it into focus. That’s 100+ souls we keep getting chintzed out on due to a glitchy trait; those souls add up.