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Crafting Swords

Has anyone actually ever crafted the Swords (eg Fire, Frost etc that do damage against a specific colour) in the Soul Forge and used them in Guild Wars Defence Teams?

I can’t recall seeing anybody mentioning a team with them in, so I’m wondering if they’re worth it at all…

I have seen it a few times. Once people start having enough epic ingots to upgrade the weapons there would likely be quite a few more of them used.

Biggest problem with all of them is they are easily countered with barrier.

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I’ve not seen the upgrades for those weapons, but hopefully they’d do somethng useful.

Barrier can be dealt with by a Talent like Banishment, though. Of course that does depend on if the Devs allow us to select a Talent for a particular Team, rather than whatever one you happen to be using for everything else at the time…