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Crafted all weapons topic

Xathenos, dawnstar, and all staff sword weapons made. Yay, I guess.
Dawnbringer is nice though.


Congrats on the achievement!

And may I borrow a million souls?



I’m down to 400 k souls. Wonder when the evil million soul sword comes out?

I wonder if they gonna put the weapon we could buy for crafting, like crescendo sun and moon

I hope so.

@Saltypatra ?

Crafting old hero weapons?

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Anyone dug into and found if and when other weapons coming out?

Saving my souls to see what after Dawnbringer, have seen some weapons on Lyya’s site that I don’t have like a shield called ‘Bone Wall’.


I only hope that we wont have to wait a year for the next Mythic weapon. I cant wait for a new Mythic weapon. Dawnbringer was fun.

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There may be a few crafted weapons in the unreleased weapons list; though many appear to be kingdom and class weapons at this time, just from naming. None of the unreleased weapons are tri-color.

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Yea, I’m waiting for the next mythic weapon, I don’t fancy crafting dawnbringer myself.