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Counting the Bugs

I think it bears mentioning that ALL online and MMORPG games use their players as beta testing and then push updates later…it sucks…it’s frustrating…it is what it is. I have reported a few bugs myself on this game but at the end of the day these people do t make games so you and I have a lovely activity for our downtime…it’s to make money. Period. That is their motivation…dont be surprised when this manifests in the ways they push new content and respond to player complaints…imo…par for the course. Still sucks.

In no way are the consistency and amount of bugs these devs generate “par for the course.”

This is not normal at all.


I would like to know how many more bugs we have seen since you first posted this Xolid :slight_smile:

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I am currently a free to play player not because I have to be but because I choose to be. I would love to spend money on the game and support them for the content but honestly the bugs happening constantly makes me not want to invest any money in the game because who knows how long it will even exist or if the resources I get or spend will suddenly change or be removed. It is a matter of principle I don’t even want money spent on my behalf even if it isn’t mine because paying for something in such a state is something I can’t condone. I assure you as soon as we have a stable month or 2 I will gladly join the paying consumers of the game but until then I will just hope you get it together before there is a final straw event followed by a mass exodus.


The game’s utterly screwed. I just started after the daily reset and have had 4 crashes before I could do the adventure board. Fix your game, devs!


you should edit to add the bugs about LT rewards and guild event rewards sometimes being different or showing as not elligble or already collected falsely and people are sometimes finding extra battlecrashers above the 10 limit a day pretty sure there are a couple more i am forgetting.

Its getting beyond counting the bugs -there are now so many. Respect has long gone. Even a smidge of professional credibility is in tatters now. Even Queen Beetrix wont cleanse a team on repeated match fours in pvp. And in the arena- the totem guardian -has decided ‘stuff using its barrier’- I’ll ignore direct skull hits too. Woeful. Even more woeful-its a waste of time reporting bugs- your failure to act makes for current insipid gaming.


Yes it is absolutely par for the course…normal no stuff in games that don’t work isn’t normal. Sadly it is this way in many many games hence the term par for the course lol. As I said it isn’t right but this is what it is.