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COUNTER-TRAITS for every offensive fighting mechanic

i think every game mechanic that is not simple spell damage should have counter-trait for it,
here some ideas:

Sixth sense: immunity to instant kill/destroy/assasination

serpent dagger (10% chance to kill them), dracos (25% chance to destroy), assasin (10% chance to assasinate)

Mana Shield(changed to): receive onnly 50% of mana burn, immunity to mana drain (or some other variation of it)

manticore, khorvash or any other mana drain

Magical Armor: immunity to true damage, or redirecting true damage into normal damage, or true damage reduced by %, or true damage reduced by % and % of it changed into normal damage

true damage

i think for all the gow history, it was already proven that any offensive mechanic needs a countertrait sooner or later
(devour -> indigestible, skull damage ->armored etc, all the debuff immunities…)

also i have a request to developers @Sirrian @Nimhain

please when you add a new mechanic into the game fighting system add or at least consider adding a countertrait to it soon after its released


“Offensive” here meaning “offends us”. Yeah? Yeah.

I definitely think we need some anti drain trait somewhere, and I’ve wanted true damage reduction for a while now (i.e. equivalent of Stoneskin) if only for thematic reasons.

Rest of them can wait, not that they’re bad or anything.

perhaps you dont suffer from instant kill but many ppl do

and i think it would be fair to give them a chance/choice to protect themselves from it.
(personally id just armor myself against khorvash/mana drain if i could)

I so like these ideias, you are right Anna for every trait there SHOULD be a counter trait so we can plan a team accordingly, the Sixth Sense and Magical Armor are 2 features i would love to see implemented since there’s virtually nothing to counter true damage dealers, but making magical armor immune to true damage would be to much perhaps cut it in half or give it a % to dodge just like the Agile trait.

Thumbs up nice suggestions Anna, and ive been whining about those devour weapons haha :smiley: Bless you and your smarts :slight_smile:

Add a mechanic that gets a troop a buff if its mana is drained. Trait idea:

‘Fork this’ - If my mana is drained, increase my attack by the amount of mana drained.

‘Drain that’ - If my mana is drained, increase my magic by 50% of the amount of mana drained.

All those mana drainers -.- constantly fighting Manticore or Dumb Fox… you spend half the time of the match to charge your troops twice or three times before you can even actually start playing. As for Manticore’s stun, you would need to make the troop also ‘Impervious’ and/or remove Manticore’s stun.

EDIT: And remove ‘Empowered’ from all mana drainers plx


offensive in meaning to be used in offense = attack, harmful, the opposite meaning to defense/defensive, “the opposition army has moved into offensive”, cant believe you did not know this other meaning to the word.

I know what it means. I refer to mana drain being the version I said.

I will reiterate that the counter to True Damage is high life and life gain/restoration. True Damage itself is a counter to high armor and armor gain. The suggestion of turning true damage to normal damage makes armor gain powerful against true damage.

I’m still in favor of general spell damage reduction traits, similar to armored/stoneskin/granite skin.

not true, high life is counter to every damage type in game, therefore it is balanced appropriately
if it was countering only true damage we could see some selected few units with an unusually high life, like lets say nearly twice or 1,5x of the current.
there is no counter dedicated to true damage alone yet.

also as long as devs choose which troop to give which trait wisely (like they use to) then most probably we wouldnt have any Op high armor unit that has true damage counter-trait in. but some other less armored units could use it.

there is just some combinations of traits+spells which should never be put in a single unit (like skull % reduction + impervious, high damage aoe spell + empowered, or empowered+mana drain+impervious) - that doesnt mean the whole trait should never exist in the game

They had to do that to counter Mercy, at the time of the Maw-Mercy brokenness…

Mercy should never have had Empower - refusing to balance that down meant adding contrived counters which are now counters to fun, full-stop.

Empowered on a gem creator / transformer is unwise. Empowered on a drain troop is worse. Especially ones which have such a low mana cost anyway.

I broadly agree in principle, but agree with @shimrra that not all of these things need fixing.

Mana drain is the specific fun-destroying problem right now. Protecting one troop from it won’t help much, unless you’re putting it onto a transformer or otherwise useful troop. Maybe Alert could also stop Mana Drain - after all, stopping Silence is beggar-all use.

Better though would be a global trait on a legendary: protect all allies from mana drain and mana burn effects.

to me that would be asking too much… if there are just few units who protect themselves at least there would be an option… if they are good or not well… its still something…

but if we get an ally protecting trait then i think i wont complain
…i think…
on the other hand, it would become a defense meta again taking away the remaining ‘fun’ part of invading with mana draining units.
i dont really like that.

I really like the ideas you posted above, yet I feel that you are making a personal attack to Nerf all my teams as I love True Damage :grinning:

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I just want our hard counters to get a boost. Avina does 3x damage to undead, why cant the rest of the slayer cards do that as well? 3x damage to target type.

Ha, and still not enough to really threaten a Bone Dragon - get two casts in before BD casts? fat chance…

I am 1 shotting bone dragon and big bat. However their health/armour is 48 or less.

I am facing Bone Dragons with typically 95+ HP.

My Avina does 72 damage (24, x3)… Even adding a Spirit Fox (empowered, c. 20 damage) I can’t take the Bone Dragon down reliably before it casts…

Any other ideas for fast BD kills most welcome!

how high attack typically is such bd?
maybe faunessa? (or the new 40% kraken lol)

however its off topic :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fastest is probably Maw.

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