Council of Chiefs

Both the events we got to test in the beta were guild-based for rewards—or they were completely unrealistic in their points levels. I’m not positive about the leaderboards, but they may have been individual (call it 60% sure).

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It’s out in the wild! Let us know what you think.

All the information you need to know for the event is in the Lore of the event in the event overview screen, or if you have any further questions you can press the blue ? button on the same screen to see the article:

If it’s a Guild event, there will be a Guild tab in the event, if it’s an individual event there won’t be a Guild tab :slight_smile:

Give the new event a bit of a play and if you still have any questions afterwards just let us know so we can ensure we add that info to the game and/or help center :slight_smile:

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Initial thoughts…

The reward loop seems unappealing:

I’m paying Raid/Invasion prices to get tokens. Tier 4 gets One Medal, Tier 6 gets Two Medals and then my guild is grinding to get 10 more tokens (and some chaos orbs and stuff)

All of this is just to get Epic tokens/medals of which it almost seems like better time spent just farming for gold/trophies/legendary tokens and mythic tokens.

Maybe someone can correct me and point me in the right direction for the appeal of this event…


The medals are, as you said, on top of existing orbs and such. This event gives strictly more rewards than did the event it replaced—which gave orbs but no medals.

even less, just 10.

you’re right, I miscounted. thanks

500 gems to get the weapon, ugh


Having the tokens in the stage rewards seems silly to me. You need these chief medals at the start, not at the end of your battles.

Also, do chief medals stack?


Is the new event weapon usable in the event? The String of Teeth?

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Yes it is – any Grosh’Nak weapon.

I think it might be easy to see why they picked Grosh’Nak for the first edition of this, with both Mang and Earth’s Fury available.

Just cant find it in there. Maybe ill restart once more…


Nope, still not there

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Ok, so some of the events will be a weekly guild event, that is only based on individual scores? Making it an individual event like bounty where we unlock the Stage rewards based on our own individual work

Not talking about leaderboard here!!!

While others will be like the current 1, or Invasion which it replaces, where everyone collects the currency to get the rewards together??

Maybe a silly question but can you scroll down?

Nope, no arrow to scroll down

Its not in the unowned weapons either

Weapons being restricted to only the kingdom cuts off a majority of your player base.
Perhaps fine this week with EF and Mang.
But after this week. It’ll feel nothing but grindy thanks to the lack of Weapons for most players. And since most of the the rewards can be earned in Explore. It’ll be a hard sell to get folks to partake due to the restrictions.


On xbox there are no scroll arrows but we can still scroll down. The arrows only appear to show us to scroll back up. Try sorting by rarity.


O M and G. That worked. Sorted by rarity. So the scroll arrow and scrolling is missing. Thanks mate!


Has anyone worked out the scoring yet? Asking for a friend.

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They roll a dice, and thats what you get. Seems to be a D4 so far.

If thats not how they do it, no clue.