Council of Chiefs

The points needed for each stage reward is killing me by means of ocd. Seriously wtf?

188,272 points needed total. They couldn’t just make it an even 180,000?


Also, it seems like light blue > orange > purple, from what I can tell.

it’s just me or it doesn’t run in x4. Something seems so laggy or weird. Don’t know

Scoring doesn’t make sense. At all. My results so far:

  • Epic battle level 10: 1 skull
  • Legendary battle level 10: 2 skulls
  • Legendary battle level 20: 2 skulls
  • Mythic battle level 10: 6 skulls
  • Legendary battle level 30: 2 skulls
  • Legendary battle level 30 (shouldn’t this have been 40?): 3 skulls
  • Legendary battle level 50: 3 skulls
  • Mythic battle level 10: 4 skulls
  • Legendary battle level 60: 8 skulls
  • Epic battle level 15: 1 skull
  • Legendary battle level 70: 5 skulls
  • Mythic battle level 25: 4 skulls

There’s some tendency that higher rarity and higher level grants more skulls, it’s pretty much random though. I’m especially puzzled about wh Sol’Zara’s Shamans level 60 granted 8 skulls while Sol’Zara’s Shamans level 70 only granted 5 skulls. I suspect there’s some major bug at play.


Yup. It’s impossible to know which is the most economical choice for your sigils.

Okay points are from skulls.

Oh nevermind… It’s from battles and certain troops that no one is going to pay enough attention to see because only their traits shoe that they are a “boss”. Zero other indicators.

tenor - 2020-03-16T033141.055

But hey it’s not like we asked for more details the second the event post went up or anything. :roll_eyes:

Useless sentence to get around the copy and paste blocker. (Accidentally posted it on the patch notes thread first.)


“Yes, I am aware, that I do have an event medal.
No, I do not intend to use it.
As I did not the previous ten times you asked.”

Just saying…

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Is it just me, or do battles disappear if they aren’t selected? I think I had a mythic battle vanish on me, but maybe I actually did the fight and just didn’t notice (early fights go very quickly, and the constant jiggling of icons on the world map doesn’t help matters).

So that’s where the indicator is? Dang, I checked everywhere else.

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  • Sol’Zara’s Shamans level 80: 7 skulls

Maybe there’s just something wrong with the skull progression table? It looks like the legendary level 60 battle should be 4 skulls instead of 8 skulls. Or could there be some weird condition that grants double the skull reward if met?

It’s like the delve traits.
Mind you I only know this because I watched the patch preview stream. Not because it is clearly written… anywhere…(that I’m aware of anyway)

I don’t get it… which one should I take? There are 3 times Brawlmaster and every enemy team is slightly different… grafik

if I take the “wrong” one I’ll get less orc skulls?

Ah… I’ll guess I have to take the one with enemy-Fist of Zorn because he does more skulls… I’ll try it that way.

hm nope 3 orc-skulls… I give up and wait

Something is very wrong with the points totals. A guild needs 182,000 points or so to hit level 12, or just above 6000 points per player assuming full participation. The current global leader in PC/mobile has 3600 points after 87 battles won.

Buying to tier IV in the shop, plus six additional days of free sigils, gets you 42 sigils. Double it for Valravens, and that is 84 sigils. The current global leader has done more than that many fights, and has just over half the number of points needed for a guild to hit reward 12 if everyone has the same high activity level.

Attn @Saltypatra

Edit: more fun. According to @Fourdottwoone’s list above, they did 12 battles and earned 410 points. I have done 17 battles and earned 420 points. So my sigils are worth roughly two thirds of the points of this other player. Not a happy camper right now.


Its hard to give feedback given that the event is supposed to change each time.

After using all my tier 4 sigils for Monday:

  1. Its not really clear how scoring works. I suppose its play higher rarity battles at higher level and get more scoring items. skull this time, but… I’m not really seeing much difference outside of the early phases.

I think if it told you how much score you’d get for doing that battle before you entered it, it’d be easier to plan accordingly outside of just play.

  1. Stats scaled really high, really fast. Thinking it was around 200 armor , 200 attackish where I’m at now. The gaming loop is fine this week since Mang or Earth’s Fury + Cyclops, but… that might not be very fun on other weeks.

  2. I’m just not a fan of mirror matches. (kingdom v kingdom, sameish troops) Sometimes I saw outside troops like Spinnerette, which I welcomed, but seeing the same battles repeatedly was iffy.

  3. I honestly couldn’t tell which troops were the bosses in-battle at glance and their boss traits made no difference. It was faster to win the battle than to look up their stats.

Overall, this event is… okay? Its not very memorable though and the reward loop isn’t all that exciting. The best experience in Gems of War is a variety of battles in a short amount of time and testing teams to see if they survive it (PvP for example, when not plagued with 1 meta def) … Repetition against the same enemies is the exact opposite of that appeal.

Not trying to (always) be down on the game, but after Raid and Invasion, this feels somewhat more of the same? Those modes have their fans, but I wasn’t really one of them.


It looks like you have to attempt to repeatedly hit the same battle, causing it to increase in level and grant more skulls. The skull progression table might contain some wrong numbers though.

I am sorry, but this event is even more pay to play and just as repetitive as any other event.

Is doing the same thing over and over supposed to be fun?

Cant we get an event that mixes things up? There are so many things you could do to make an interesting new guild game and yet our new event is just beat up the same orcs with the same team over and over and over and over again.

I said over and over, over and over just to make a point. You get as bored reading it as I do playing it.


Can’t wait until raid and ToD gets replaced by these events. 3 out of every 4 weeks will pretty much be the same thing. The tokens will be called something different and the enemies will change but that’s about it I think.


Maybe we are unlucky… There was a post about Valraven replace bosses… So maybe we didn’t get a boss as supposed to but a valraven instead ergo less orc skulls :man_shrugging:

Also the skull directly translate to point = skulls x 10
Why was there a need to introduce a redundant and repeated term? We already have a very prominent element of the game named “skulls”.




Player number 2 has done pretty much the same number of battles as player number 3 but got 20% more points. In the meantime, player number 3 has done 16% more battles than player 2 for the same number of points.

This is not averaging out over multiple paths. There is something else going on here that we are not aware of.