Couldn't upgrade with common ingots

From some moment I can’t upgrade weapons with common ingots. Though I have them… ???

The rarity of the ingot needs to match the rarity of the weapon.

If you have common ingots and can’t upgrade anymore weapons that means you have maxed all the common weapons.

You can convert the ingots no longer usable in the soulforge to a higher rarity.

Thanx, Fiara… But I don’t understand “you have maxed all the common weapons”. I have many common weapons, but all of them can be upgraded only with one common ingot. (Xbox). I first encountered this when I tried to upgrade Dragon’s Eye. Only the first step with one ingot was permitted. The second step with 2 ingots is in red…

Because Dragon’s Eye is a mythic weapon and to upgrade it you need mythic ingots, not common ingots

I think these are all the common weapons in the game. Every other weapon is of a higher rarity.

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