Cosmetic pet gnome

A pet gnome that is just like the regular pet gnome in all respects except it only triggers cosmetic pets and can have its own cosmetic pet gnome bait in the shop. Possibly if it makes it more likely to happen could make it so the only way to encounter them is with the bait. I even did a rough draft of the card for you.
cosmetic pet gnome


:joy: It took me awhile to realize that it’s the old pet gnome picture, awesome graphical designing! I like the idea, they could set the drop rate to super extra rare or whatnot, but just knowing they exist would make me feel better.


Pet gnome wearing cosmetics lol I like puns.

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I know most people don’t buy pet gnome bait especially with the GAP and vault weekend and often people aren’t spending much for gems on pets either. But when a cosmetic pet rescue rolls around I know a lot of people spend gems on those to get copies. If we had more ability to get them once in awhile or could buy a Cosmetic Pet Gnome bait to trigger a cosmetic pet rescue for the guild it might get us spending more of our gems and maybe buying more baits especially if they were very rare otherwise. Either way we could have more chances to get cosmetic pets and it might make everyone happy with the outcome.

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I’ve never bought a bait, but if they would implement it to guild gift packages that would be great! It’s where my money goes… But that actually means I have bought baits… hmm… Anyhow, we do deserve a change to start hunting and leveling those cospets. It would get the guild more interested when someone is launching a pet rescue. It wouldn’t have to come for free, as the idea at the moment is, that players are forced to burn a lot of gems for copies of these rare occasions of cospet rescues. If they would make cosmetic ones appear only in arena, people would play it more and the chance of it escaping would be big enough to make them rare to catch.

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a trans gnome… does it identify as a pet or a gnome … noboy knows… or cares :rofl: