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Corsair Build

What’s the best Talents and Team for Corsair?

Daughter of Ice
Drowned Sailor
Scurvy Seadog
Zuul’ Goth

Replace any empowered converter with a hero using something like Jar of Eyes at your pleasure.

Rope Dart
Night Spider
Mother of Darkness

Excellent loop team. Corsair fits because it gives you a full rogue team. Night spider creates gems based on rogue allies.


I second Tabu’s team suggestion, Night Spider is absolutely crazy for that team. Also because if you’re the level of player looking for advice on how to build a Corsair team, I highly doubt you have Zuul.

If you don’t have Mother, you can probably just throw in any random Rogue (preferably one that uses blue or purple Mana, or possibly creates purple Mana). Troops with a Mana Link trait could help (Ferit for purple to help fill spider on your first turn, or Shadow Hunter for blue link, and also having a strong spell that uses BOTH colours that spider creates)

If you don’t have Rope Dart, it’s a lot trickier, as that weapon’s extra turn is half of what makes this team so good. You might be able to make it work with the Bronzelock Pistol, though it won’t be nearly as consistent.

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