Correct Guild Wars Schedule?

As the title suggests, Nintendo Switch users currently have guild wars scheduled for the week of February 26, 2024. It was stated in a recent post that developers needed more time to update this game mode and pvp, so I am quite confused.

Is this event supposed to be scheduled for us?

If you could please confirm and clarify, it would be most appreciated.:+1:

@Kafka @Bramble or anyone else.


i would count on it being cancelled i suspect they are waiting for the switch platform to catch up with every one else

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Hopefully a quick response can be provided as guildmates are already spending resources to level up the guild war sentinels. If the GW event turns out to be a ghost then that will be lots of wasted resources and disgruntled players @Kafka @Bramble


Switch already got the Battlegrounds update a while ago, so Guild Wars shouldn’t be able to run properly. I’m having some doubts they’ll look into this any time soon, will be interesting to see which way Guild Wars breaks tomorrow.

Wasn’t there some other Switch event a couple of months ago that they pulled a day after launch, without refunding any purchases? I’d hold off spending anything at all, feels like a sure way to get burned.


NS players r forgotten as always. I’m in bracket 1, and it’s highly competitive, so devoting time to double check defenses and 500 gems to maximize sentinels is a lot of resources that could go to waste.

They can still fix the issue if there is one, but canceling guild wars at the last minute and pretending like nothing happened would be quite the oversight. I just hope they respond quickly enough and clarify everything before it’s too late.


They probably can’t. As much as is known, Update 7.3 (Battlegrounds) broke Guilds Wars in a way that can at earliest be fixed with Update 7.4 (possibly delayed till May), if at all.

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This is pretty. Canceling GW but forgetting to actually cancel it.
It’s also still scheduled for next week on steam platform…


Managed to dig up this bit of information:

That was two week ago. Apparently nobody at their company cares enough to actually remove the incorrect information from within the game, even when they know about it.


I’m curious exactly what was deemed broken in the 7.3 game client, such that it could not be fixed without another game client update?

Unless this, itself, is just more player speculation…

It no longer works at all, details unknown. We only have this to speculate on:

Things to note here:

  • “Issues” have never prevented anything from getting pushed out of the door, no matter how broken it was. The only exception is when something isn’t available at all, see improved daily offers from the 6.5 Update.
  • Guild Wars keeps getting put back into the event schedule, then removed again whenever a further delay of the 7.4 Update becomes apparent. It’s not about “making sure the new changes have not caused issues with Guild Wars”, it’s so broken they need the update to run Guild Wars again.
  • It’s likely something really embarrasing, like having deleted the Guild Wars user interface on client side as part of rewriting PvP. You only dance this much around the facts if you have something really phenomenal to cover up. Been there, done that. :joy:

Please help us @Kafka @Bramble

Una consulta si ustedes ya tienen activo la guerra puedes ver algun cambio ? Hay algo nuevo ?o se ve igual que antes ? El icono de alianza esta activo ? Puedes mostrar fotos? Gracias :grin:

I appreciate your dedication @Fourdottwoone. The issue with guild wars goes beyond the confusion and the lack of communication from the devs. I can honestly admit that this game has become less of a chore without guild wars, but the same time it makes the game less competitive.

If you make paragon, champion, or go undefeated in bracket 1 for your guild during this time, it feels like such an accomplishment. I’m playing against the best players in the game, and I will use this “beta test” to refresh my memory. This game mode tests your game knowledge and patience with a little bit of luck every now and then to make it through the week.

Guild wars is pure competition without being stained with endless grinding and gems spent to power through the leaderboard. Whatever plans the devs have for us, for the love of holy saint Astra, please don’t ruin this for us.


Very curious if GW is still active for you guys? And any observations. I hope all is not as bad as we fear

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Crash in the first fight from a guild mate. Should this thread be changed to bug report?

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Cliffy errors are real game problems, not just a crash. I suspect more battles will end in a cliffy.
On the other hand, they already said GW had many bugs. The real bug is that it was not canceled.
If you want to open a bug report, open one stating GW was not canceled on switch and (all) battles end in a cliffy error.

And to add, I’m very sad that it came to this at all. Canceling an event is simple and would have prevented a lot of frustrations, compensations and rumour. What a mess

I’ve created a new bug report thread

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Guild Wars wasn’t cancelled on switch. But its supposed to be? I already spent gems on Sentinels…

Every platform that has gotten the new PvP update “battlegrounds”, will not be able to run proper GW. Devs have been delaying GW several times already due to severe bugs (their words). They also stated that the March GW would be delayed.
However… it’s still there on switch and still planned for next week on steam platform.
Every sorry you spend gems and gold on sentinels…hope compensation will be there for you all

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