Copy Team Feature on GWs

I’d love to see something like this make it into a quality of life update.

Reasoning: I’m kinda lazy and this quality of life update would allow me to quickly copy the team and move to practice over in pvp test battle. Currently I either need to screenshot the team and then the look at the weapon to see class talents and screenshot those too, or if I’m feeling really adventurous I make up a little story or saying to try and remember
(seriously… I do, The troll and the Bee had a truffle that was evil and the truffle had an elemental trident :rofl:)

It would be great to press copy team and then move straight over to pvp to test the defence and hit paste into my GW Defence test team slot.

Also lots of guilds also ask for a team to be set as defence to their guildmates in the ingame guild chat. This would also benefit those guilds too because they can paste the code into their guild chat for a test defence request or even hey this defence (insert team code via paste) is easily beaten with this team (insert your own team)

Just a small request but I think it would impact lots of guilds positively.



LMAO. So am I. :laughing:

I’ve been doing it manually with PvP opponents. Would like to see that button there, too.

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I also do this manually and it is a lot of steps. A copy team button would be an amazing time and frustration saving feature.

Oh yes, please!

Been there, done that, would love the button. :grin:

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There could be a stand-alone app where a screenshot of the team should return the team code string with all class talents listed as zero. Image matching is what is needed there.


This would be a big quality of life gain for GW

This is adorable :joy:

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I’m going to flutter my eyelashes at Gary about this in the morning. I know we have quite the list of projects already but I like the idea.


Also 100% true lol. By the end of the GW week I’ve rambled off enough short stories to write the next 2 campaigns lore :rofl::rofl:

Hawx used fluttering the eyelashes on Gary.
It's super effective!