Cool screenshot topic


It was another one I was thinking about a lot longer ago than 2 months. You did the impossible as well? :open_mouth:


I had this luckbox 6 months ago


Oh hey, it looks like I’m in the good matchmaking pool for one trophy casual PvP.


I got 2 Queen Auroras from 50 event chests and 1 more in another 50. During Wisp realese week.


I logged in and…



Yeah, my pet :slight_smile:




Congrats, tech!


I had a surprise from a legendary task: a mythic that a wanted verry much .

Im hapyyyyyyyy!


What def team do you had, Mithran, in that moment ?


Four minimum level untraited troops. You get credit for a defense win if your defense loses in casual PvP, and this was the day pets went live (so a lot of people farming minimum difficulty casual PvP), and said team is in the 5000 score range (ripe for getting picked off in one-trophy matches).


Thanks Cedric Sparklesack.



It fixed itself after a couple of minutes.



Find the 4 match in a board containing 24 yellow gems:


Taking skulls will trigger 5 match



Incredible luck, again!



I’ll be level 2000 in no time getting this much xp per battle


I’m internet famous again!

And generous, it would seem.:thinking:


Good way to start my Monday morning. Thanks Invasion. Best 70 gems :gem: I spent in a long time.